Do you have a really big table? If so, you should consider using one of Bright Settings’ Ultra Wide Tablecloth Fabrics. While many tablecloths come in widths that may require seams, our ultra wide tablecloths are all over 100″ wide. Some are even 132″ wide. That’s 11 feet! And the length can be any measurement you desire. The best thing about our Ultra Wides is that they come in several spectacular fabrics. Check them out:

Basic Polyester Solid Colors: Our best selling wide tablecloths come in 72 colors in widths up to 132″. This fabric is durable and easy to care for, perfect for personal or professional use.

Beethoven Damask: This bold damask fabric features classic shapes in 10 contrasting colorways. You can get tablecloths up to 120″ wide without worrying about seams.

Caprice Damask: Here’s a gorgeous damask that looks delicate, but is sturdy and easily cleaned. It comes in 4 colorways that look especially good on event tables.

Chopin Damask: This damask combines understated colors to form classic swirls and curves. We offer 15 color combinations in fabrics up to 120″ wide.

Fairmont: This exceptional fabric has a “crinkly” look that adds texture to any table. It’s a unique polyester/nylon blend that comes in 18 eye-catching colors in widths up to 109″.

Kaleidoscope Damask: You gotta’ see this fabulous fabric to believe it. The gorgeous contemporary motif is modern and chic, especially since it’s available in 9 colors in widths up to 120″.

Majestic: This is one of my all-time favorite fabrics available at Bright Settings. You won’t believe the texture and sheen of this silk dupioni look-alike. It comes in 39 incredible colors, each more beautiful than the last.

Metallic Scroll: If you like geometrics and shimmer, look no further. This fabulous fabric comes in 7 brilliant colorways up to 120″ wide.

Pintuck: This elegant fabric is perfect for a formal affair. It comes in 23 sophisticated colors in widths up to 110″.

Poly Cove Lace: Here’s an elegant lace tablecloth that makes a beautiful overlay on top of a solid fabric. Our polyester lace comes in white and ivory in widths up to 120″. And though it appears delicate, it washes up easily in cold water.

Polystripe: Our very popular two-tone striped tablecloth comes in 33 colors in widths up to 120″. It takes a table from ordinary to extraordinary in one fell swoop.

Spun Polyester Solid Colors: Spun polyester fabric is a medium-weight fabric with a wonderful hand. (“Hand” refers to the feel of a textile.) Bright Settings’ offers tablecloths in 26 colors in ultra widths.

Twill: This 50/50 cotton polyester blend makes for a rich, durable tablecloth. It is 120″ wide and comes in 20 rich colors with textured ridges.

As you can see, Bright Settings has quite a few wide tablecloths for extra large tables. If you’d like to see any of these fabrics up-close and personal, you can order color swatches using our popular Fabric Sample Program. For $1.95 shipping fee, you can get up to 25 fabric swatches for your perusal. For more information on any of these tablecloths, just call one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives at 1-800-327-6025. They can walk you through the process of measuring and ordering any odd-sized tablecloth.