The History of Havana Linen Tablecloths

The Original Havana Faux Burlap Tablecloth in Natural

The Original “Faux Burlap”

My discovery and love for Premier Table Linens began in June of 2013, with my Mother-in-Law’s 80th BD party at our home. Having just attended my niece’s wedding the month before, I had my heart set on finding  a perfectly “washable” version of Burlap.  My niece purchased black polyester linen tablecloths with natural Jute Burlap table runners for her beautifully rustic Wine Country reception on California’s Central Coast.

My niece offered her black table linens and the natural jute table linens for our upcoming event but being that we wanted an indoor-outdoor “garden” event, I decided against using black table linens.  I agreed to borrow the natural Burlap table runners instead then went searching for natural color coordinated “washable burlap” table linens.  All I can say is Thank God for Google search!!!

I discovered a few companies selling “Faux Burlap” table linens, compared the company websites, products, prices and ultimately chose to order Havana Faux Burlap Tablecloths from Premier Table Linens made with 100% Polyester.  Why Premier Table Linens?  

It’s not easy to find excellent quality linens made in the USA that are washable, durable, great looking, and ecomomical!  I was thrilled to find these faux burlap linens at wholesale prices!  All that combined with great customer service and no sales tax?  I was sold!  

In 2013 when I placed my order, the Havana Faux Burlap Tablelinens were available in 2 colors — either natural or white as an alternative to Jute Burlap.  I opted for the Natural which looked more rustic to coordinate with the natural jute table runners for a matching look.  I thought it would be a great versatile neutral that would look best with all of our natural stone, inside our home as well as outside in the garden.  

Turned out to be a good decision!

When my order arrived, I eagerly opened and unpacked the box and was impressed with the color, texture, weight, feel, and overall quality of the fabric which exceeded my expectations.  I could hardly wait to start setting up!

During the party, I received many compliments and guess what?  From the caterer to our family and friends, the questions were, “Where did you get these beautiful linens”?  “Are they burlap”?  “Are they washable”?



The Havana Linen Collection

Being such a lovely linen, it didn’t take long for word to get out and for the Havana Linen to be discovered.  Its popularity grew with Wedding Planners, Brides, Event Planners and the Hospitality Industry and soon, the Havana Linen Collection expanded to 15 colors.  Then in September 2017, another 11 colors were added for a total of 26 colors!

If you are looking for an easy care washable linen tablecloth that can be used year round due to its weight and variety of colors, this is it!  The Havana fabric is an easy care 100% Polyester high end linen weave that has proven to be so versatile, the possibilities for use are endless.

Being that the Natural Havana Linen tablecloths and napkins were my first purchase with Premier Table Linens and I have such fond memories of my experience from start to finish, the Havana Table Linens remain my #1 go to linen for all occasions!  For a more polished look, I enjoy using some of the new colors by themselves and for a slightly more casual or rustic look, I like coordinating the colors with the Natural Table Runners.  I have used my Natural Havana Linens for over 4 years, have washed them numerous times, and they still look great.  

Check out the new colors and tablesettings below and let us know your thoughts.  What colors do you like best?  


Havana Linens — Now Available in 26 Colors! 

Havana Linen Collection – 26 Colors

Ooh La La – Orange Havana Linen

What an exciting surprise and impact this new Havana Orange makes on the table!  It’s bold, brilliant, and so beautiful that it’s become my favorite of the new warm Havana Linen colors.  While the Gold is glorious, the Orange is something unexpected and I love that!  

What party theme or food comes to mind with an orange tablecloth?  For me, this may come as another surprise but I say Italian!  

Why?  Because when I look at this table, I imagine Spaghetti and Meatballs, a hearty Bolognese or Lasagne with a Caesar Salad and Garlic Bread.  If the sauce spills on the tablecloth, no problem because it won’t show like it would if it was on a white tablecloth.  Gotta love that!

Orange Havana Linen

The Soft and Soothing Pretty Pastels

What comes to mind when you look at these pretty pastel tablecloths?  A beautiful Spring Luncheon or a Bridal Brunch?  How about the Ice Pink or Lilac for Valentine’s Day and Easter?  These would be beautiful colors for a Spring or Summer Wedding, a Tea Party, a Baby or Bridal Shower, Sweet 16 Party and the list goes on…  The possibilities are endless!

The Pretty Pastels: Ice Pink, Ice Peach and Lilac

Glorious Gold Havana Linen

Hosting a Golden Gala, Golden Globes, Oscar Party, Golden Anniversary Party or do you just love going for the gold? This is a bright and lovely gold, not too dark or formal like the old gold tablecloths from my childhood.  That’s why I am calling this new Havana Gold Glorious!  This full length drape with rounded colors is perfect if you are going for a more formal look.  The full length drape is so elegant, lovely and nice to the touch.  The napkins have enough body to stand proud without falling down yet the fabric is not at all stiff.  Love it!


Eager to Host Easter Brunch?

This lovely oval Lilac tablecloth has me excited and in the mood to host a large indoor / outdoor Easter Brunch!  

We will have more than one table so this Lilac oval will be the main dining room table and we’ll set up the outdoor terraces with Ice Pink, Mint, Ice Peach, and Lemon.  

What is the inspiration for this multi-color tablecloth decision where each table will have its own color?  

Easter Eggs!


Mint to Be!

One of my nieces had a Mint green wedding theme because she loved the soft cool Spring Color Palette and also because she knew her and her future husband were “Mint” (meant) to be!  All we are need here are the margaritas and the happy couple!


Enjoy the Sunshine with Havana Gold and Orange

Orange and Gold

The Lovely Lilac Linen Tablecloth

While the orange is my favorite of the new warm Havana Linen colors, my cool favorite is the Lilac.  I love the Lilac with green, white, pink, peach, lemon, and to my surprise, also with orange!  It’s turning out to be a versatile color and I plan to use it for Valentine’s Day and Easter.


Lemon Havana Linen

If we don’t need this table for seating people, I may set up a Lavendar Lemonade beverage station here.


Mint, Orange and Lemon Havana Linen Tablecloths

Mint, Orange and Lemon

Natural Havana Linen Tablerunner and Napkins

Fortunately, both the original Natural and White Havana Table Linens mix and match with all of the new colors!

Lilac with Natural

Blushing Beauties:  Ice Pink, Ice Peach and Lilac

Thanks for visiting – May your events this Spring and Summer be spectacular!  Please share your thoughts and photos.  🙂

Ice Pink, Ice Peach and Lilac