With the average wedding costing a whopping $33, 391 in the US, it is clear that couples are willing to invest in their dream day, with guest experience taking priority. But with careful planning, anyone can have an amazing wedding regardless of budget. In fact, the ambiance of your entire wedding is created by three important, yet often overlooked items: your table linen, heat sources, and lighting. Here are some ideas on how you can incorporate these aspects into your wedding decor and create the wedding day of your dreams.

Perfecting your tables

It’s largely the tables that will be the focal feature of your reception room. Once you’ve decided upon the right table shape, you’ll need to choose which style of table linen to hire. Make sure your linen works with your overall color scheme. Opting for table linen and chair covers of different textures will add interest and sophistication. Ultimately, the right linen should pull together the rest of your wedding decor and create a finalized, polished look.

Luxurious lighting

A well-lit room should be comprised of several sources of light to set a luxurious ambiance. When it comes to overhead lighting, you can’t beat a stunning chandelier. Hang a chandelier above your reception tables to add opulence and illuminate your table linen and centerpiece.

Candles are another good source of lighting for weddings. They create a soft, romantic ambiance perfect for the ceremony and reception. Consider lighting up your tables or lining the aisle with candles in hurricanes or vases.

Lastly, a roaring fireplace will imbue any room with warmth, light, and a traditional ambiance. Featuring a gorgeous fireplace in your wedding ceremony or reception will also make a stunning backdrop for photographs. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, there are many styles of freestanding fireplaces suitable for outside use.

Heating your wedding

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding in the colder months, outdoor patio heaters are a must. These heaters can provide roughly ten inches of warmth to keep your guests toasty whatever the temperature. Check with your venue if they have outdoor heaters available (and rent them if not).

Outdoor tents should have sidewalls to keep out the cold. You’ll have the option of choosing between transparent and opaque material. If your outdoor tent is in a nice location, perhaps opt for transparent sidewalls. This way, your guests can enjoy the views as well as benefit from the natural light.

Safety tips

It’s important to always have the safety of your guests in mind. Keep your heaters, candles, and other heat sources away from other objects, especially flammable materials, including the tent walls. Never leave burning candles unattended and away from children (flameless candles get rid of safety concerns). Lastly, ensure the exits are kept clear and fire extinguishers within easy reach.

Choosing the right table linen, lighting, and heating will take your wedding decor from great to even better. Always prioritize safety — especially when open flames are involved. With these tips, you’ll be sure to create an event you and your guests will be talking about for months to come!