Every day wedding planners and event planners had to contact us to obtain pricing for custom size linens due to unique and/or specialty tables that are used for receptions and special events. Half circle tables for sweetheart tables, cake tables, Kings tables, Queen’s table, serpentines, farm tables or table configuration of multiple tables together that look even more polished with one large tablecloth instead of individual linens on each table. Throughout the years we added to our website the most requested linen sizes for many of the specialty tables just mentioned but we realized custom tables sizes, table configurations, table heights and thus the custom tablecloth sizes consumers need for their tables is infinite.

We are going to change the industry and make the process of pricing and purchasing any custom size tablecloth instant, easy, one-step process. Goodbye to the old clunker process and enjoy the new, modern, instant, fast track. We are thrilled after a year in development to launch A.C.T.S. today and eliminate customers having to call or after business hours Emailing and having to wait for custom pricing and then for a special order invoice to be manually generated by a customer service agent.

What is it?

Any Custom Tablecloth Size (A.C.T.S.) program that instantly gives custom tablecloth quotes. Not only do you receive instant pricing as well as discounted volume pricing when available, but you can then proceed and place your custom tablecloth order on the spot. Perfectly fitting tablecloths for any custom table or standard tables that you have a desired drop that cannot be obtained with a standard size linen. Tablecloths, overlays, fitted tablecloths, table toppers with elastic, even any size napkin and drapes. With A.C.T.S., not only instant pricing but an easy, quick, one step process to price and purchase practically any size tablecloth in the world 24/7 at Premier Table Linens.

It gets even better. Affordable,19 fabrics to select from, 100’s of colors as well as options for umbrella holes and hem finish for any size tablecloth. With the custom size fitted table covers, options for pleated or non-pleated, 4 sided or open back, 2 slit option for storage or 4 hidden slit option for dining at special events and receptions.  Napkins now can be purchased in any size, single or double layered.

Venues, event planner, wedding professionals can now price and purchase any custom size table linen client request. No more lag time. No more delays. No more having to get back to your clients with pricing.  Bringing the tablecloth world up to speed with modern times in the fast lane.

Not only for businesses and events. There is no minimum quantity required so everyone is welcome to purchase for any occasion. Home dining, Holidays or décor.

Production time for 1 to 250 custom made tablecloth is only 72 hours. Large orders, up to 500, three to five days.

Introductory special offer

15% off any custom-made tablecloth or fitted tablecloth. Valid through June 15th, 2018.


Using our new A.C.T.S. program we are happier than ever to state “We’ve Got You Covered™”

  • Choose from 19 fabrics, price and purchase Any Custom Tablecloth size.
  • Need non-standard size table linens?- A.C.T.S., Practically any size in the world.
  • Need an extra wide tablecloth or extra narrow tablecloth for a capsule oval table?
  • Custom size Oval tablecloths – true ovals, capsule, racetrack oval tablecloths.
  • Not just for tables.  Unveiling covers, use to unveil paintings, statues and cars.
  • With A.C.T.S. you create any linen table covers to unveiling covers, cut to any length and width.
  • Custom sized fitted table covers. You measure the table, we manufacture the perfectly fitted table cover.
  • Not only any size but many fitted tablecloth options; pleated corners or non-pleated fitted table covers, add 2 hidden slits for access to storage under the table or 4 slits for wedding receptions and banquets.
  • In addition to full fitted tablecloths, you can now create “Fitted Table Caps” which only come down 10″ or any desired length.
  • Any custom size drapes.  With the choice of rod pockets, grommets or Velcro.
  • Custom size table runners in all fabrics and colors.
  • Custom size your Napkins and napkin options including double backed for wedding receptions.
  • Any table size, any fabric, any quantity. Any time, 24/7, price and order custom tablecloths, custom size fitted table covers and custom drapes with A.C.T.S. Production time is only 1 to 3 days.

Where to find A.C.T.S on Premier Table Linens

On our main tablecloth landing page as well as the fitted tablecloth landing page you will find the complete version of A.C.T.S. where you can price and compare prices and colors among the 19 tablecloth fabrics available. If you already know which fabric you like, go directly to that tablecloth fabric category and you will find the 1st and last product in the category is A.C.T.S. which will only return pricing and your custom size tablecloth in the fabric selected.

Jump in here and start pricing & purchasing your custom sized tablecloths

Let me Try A.C.T.S. Now !

Here are a few other resources that will help you when sizing and planning your tablecloth sizes

  • Visit our table linen and table size guide for a downloadable PDF to assist you in sizing. Click here
  • Use our tablecloth calculator to make sure you order your correct size. Visit page
  • You can view large size fabric swatches on our website here.