No matter how nicely you decorate for a party, all your hard work will be for naught if there’s no tidy way to dispose of the trash. Nothing spoils a stylish gathering faster than an objectionable trash bag in the midst of all your lovely decor. Luckily, Bright Settings has all your event planning concerns covered. Not only do we carry table linens in hundreds of fabrics and colors, we also supply other party necessities such as attractive waste receptacles and trash cans.

Dome Top Trash Cans

Our dome top trash can be ordered with push doors or step-on mechanisms in white, black or chrome. Each meets or exceeds OSHA requirement for waste receptacles which will not burn, melt, or emit toxic fumes. They’re available in 9, 12, and 15 gallon sizes.

Swing and Push Top Trash Cans

Swing top and push top lids boast snug-fitting, self-closing doors that passively hide unsightly trash and odors. Choose either 21 or 36 gallon stainless steel receptacles with corner hooks for attaching bag liners or optional rigid plastic liners.

Rectangular Trash Cans

Don’t waste your money on plastic trash cans from big box stores. Our puncture-resistant, fire-safe, heavy duty steel rectangular trash cans will not burn, melt or emit toxic fumes. They feature color coordinated vinyl bumper tops and polyethylene feet that protect floors. The powder coat finish is offered in black, charcoal, sand, and walnut.

Designer Trash Cans and Waste Baskets

Our Designer Series trash cans come in chrome or black, both of which are manufactured with high quality, puncture-resistant, fire-safe steel. They’re perfect for upscale reception areas because they’re simultaneously elegant and functional. Choose from push top or open top receptacles or sand filled ash urns in various sizes.

Indoor and Outdoor Trash Cans

If you’re looking for trash cans that are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, you’re in luck. Our indoor/outdoor receptacles come in different styles including the very affordable recessed panel model, molded-in stone aggregate panel bins, and rugged ribbed trash cans. All are constructed of high-density polyethylene with UV inhibitors to reduce fading. Choose from top or side opening receptacles in various sizes.

Corrugated Trash Cans

Our corrugated receptacles are perfect for temporary situations. They can easily be disposed of when they’re no longer needed. These 40 gallon trash cans come in economical boxes of twelve and are easily assembled for use with trash liners.

At-Your-Disposal Trash Cans

At-Your-Disposal trash cans are made of high-density polyethylene and feature 12″ openings and 4 recess handles. Connectors allow multiple units to be attached to each other or to an anchoring point.

Don’t let all your entertainment and decorating efforts “go to waste.” Take care of unsightly trash in an efficient and attractive manner. Choose from a multitude of trash can options at Bright Settings. Check out all the specs on our website or call 800-327-6025 to speak to one of our customer service representatives. We will “lay waste” to your entertaining concerns!