Learn about table skirts and table skirting clips.

How to completely skirt a table, how to determine table skirt size, table skirt style and how to determine table skirt clip size needed. Finally we will discuss how to set up your table skirts.

First, you will need to know what size your table is and what you wish to accomplish

Do you want to cover only three sides of the table or do you want to completely skirt the table. There are three standard table skirt lengths, 14′ long, 17′ or 21′.  All standard sizes come in the industry standard 29″ height since standard tables are 30″ tall and you do not want the table skirt on the floor.

Custom height table skirts, bar skirts, DJ booth tables, stage skirting and other heights are available for tables that are not the standard 30″ tall.  Visit our website for the custom height table skirts.

14′ Table skirt will skirt 4 sides of a 4′ banquet table, a 48″ round table or 3 sides of a 6′ or 8′ banquet table.

17′ Table skirts will completely skirt a 60″ or 66″ round table or a 6′ banquet table.  It will skirt 3 sides of two 6′ banquet tables that are  together.

21′ Table skirt will completely skirt a 72″ round table, an 8′ banquet table or 3 sides of two 8′ banquet tables that are together.

table skirt sizing

Table Skirt Sizing

Table skirt pleating

There are two styles of table skirts.  Shirred pleated or box pleat.

Shirred pleat, also know as the gathered pleat creates the ruffled pleat look and is by far the best selling pleat and gives a very professional look.

shirred skirts

shirred skirts


shirred closeup

shirred closeup

Here we have some examples of Our beautiful Poly Stripe box pleat table skirt

poly stripe box pleat


closeup poly stripe box pleat

Table skirts and web back table skirt

Almost of our table skirts come with Velcro double sewn along the entire top of the table skirt on the back side of the table skirt for easy attachment to tables using Velcro table skirting clips.  The only exception are the Poly Sateen table skirts which are reinforced with web backing and intended to be stapled on to table.

Table Toppers

Table topper

Table Topper

Table skirts drape the border of your table. The table toppers is what covers the top of the table. Table toppers have finished edges and are not pleated. Universal 40″ wide x 108″ long table toppers will fit standard 6 foot and 8 foot banquet tables and a 40″ x 90″ will fit 4 foot tables. Any excess material on shorter tables simply goes under the table skirt and is hidden from view. Our table toppers (of the same material as the skirts) will match your skirting to complete the look of your table. Most customers select matching table toppers, same color as the table skirt. Some select a different color table topper and I have seen some beautiful display tables with one color table skirt and a contrasting color table topper. For more table toppers, click the link.


Table Skirt Clips

Measure the thickness of your table. This will determine what size table skirt clips you need.

1/2" Inch Thick Velscro table Skirt Clip


This 1/2″ table skirt clip fits glass tables and other tables 1/2″ thick.Click the link for more details and our 1/2″ Inch Velcro Table Skirt Clips

3/4" Inch velcro Clip


This 3/4″ table skirt clip fits tables 3/4″ thick.   The length of this clip is only 2″ making it ideal for 3/4″ thick round tables.Visit our 3/4″ Velcro table skirt clips category on our web page.

Standard velcro Table Skirt Clip

Standard Velcro Table Skirt Clip

The 3/4″ – 1″ standard Velcro table skirting clip fits tables with a 3/4″ to 1″ profile. The length of our standard clip is 2 1/2″ long for even more Velcro contact. More Table Skirt Velcro Clips here

Medium Velcro Table Skirt Clip

Medium Velcro Table Skirt Clip

The medium table skirting clip fits tables with a 3/4″ to 1 3/4″ profile. Because of the shape of this clip, it is an excellent clip for round tables as well as banquet tables.

Supr Velcro table Skirt Clip

Super Velcro table Skirt Clip

Super table skirting clip made specifically for LIFETIME® and ICEBERG® brand tables as well as any other thick tables 1″ to 2 1/2″.

Super / Monster Table Skirt Clip

Monster Table Skirt Clip

 Monster Velcro table skirt clip.  Fits tables 1 1/2″ to 3″ thick.

Many customer that use different tables or that do not know how thick their table will be order both the standard Velcro clip and the super Velcro clips.

How to set up the table skirting with table skirt clips

  • Lay your tablecloth over the top of the table.
  • Attach one Velcro clip every 12″ along the edge of the table on top of the table topper. The flat side of the clip to go on the top.with the  Velcro side of the clip facing you.
  • Now you are ready to attach the table skirt.
  • Hold the table skirt at the top along the Velcro strip
  • Start at the back corner of the table edge and coming around the front of the table, stick the Velcro strip of the skirting to the Velcro on the flat edge of each clip pulling tightly enough so that it does not leave a gap or sag.
  • Work your way around the table clipping the Velcro together each 12 inches until complete.
  • If you have any extra skirting when you come to the end you can simply tuck it under and attach.
  • When your event is complete it can be removed very quickly by gently pulling the Velcro of the skirt away from the Velcro of the clip starting at the back edge and working across the front
  • As you remove it, be sure to fold or roll the table skirt.
  • Table skirts are best stored on our table skirting hangers.
  • This will keep the table skirt from wrinkling and ready to be used again with no need to press or iron it.
  • If it became soiled during use it can be washed on the most gentle cycle cool water and dry on little to NO heat. Remove promptly and hang.

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