Hosting a themed dinner party is a fantastic way to unify your decor, menu, and give your guests a way to break the ice. In addition to standard holiday or seasonal themes, consider these creative dinner party themes for you next event.

Go International

Let your cuisine serve as inspiration and host an evening in Italy, a Thai celebration, or a Mexican fiesta. Create an authentic international menu with regional decor and perhaps even encourage guests to dress the part!


Take your party back in time with 70s fondue, 50s Jello molds, or a Victorian atmosphere (hello Downton Abbey fans!). Find menu items from the era and dress the part for a night of fun and conversation (and keep those cameras handy!)

Get Mysterious

For a fun and unique evening consider hosting a murder mystery dinner party. Usually based off kits you can download or purchase, these evenings resemble a live version of the game Clue. Guests receive character descriptions in their invitation and everyone comes in character (and costume!) Throughout the evening guests try to figure out which of them is the murderer based on a set plot.

Hollywood Glam

Bring some glam to your dinner party with a Hollywood theme. Break out the champagne and encourage guests to wear their red carpet worthy duds. If your party is near an actual awards show consider preparing food inspired by nominated movies, or go more casual with gourmet popcorn!

Favorite Books

Whether your favorite read is Pride and Prejudice or Harry Potter, hosting a book-themed dinner party is sure to be a hit. Use thrift store books to decorate, encourage guests to bring their favorite book, or ask guests to read a book ahead of time to discuss. If your party centers around one novel consider making menu items inspired by the story or setting of the book.

No matter what kind of dinner party you choose for your next event, adding a theme helps set your party apart and creates a unique opportunity for conversation and memories. For even more inspiration, make sure to visit our Themed Table Linen Collections.