I love everything about velvet – except the price. That’s why Velveteen is the perfect choice when it comes to decorating your home. It has all the luxury of velvet at a fraction of the cost. And, as luck would have it, Bright Settings now has Velveteen tablecloths!

Velveteen tablecloths come in four luscious colors: scarlet, pine, charcoal, and black. The fabric has a sumptuous pile that’s just the right thickness for your table – long enough to experience the plushness of velvet, but not so long that a glass of wine is unsteady. Our velveteen fabric was designed specifically for covering tables!

Velveteen Tablecloths — Scarlet

Velveteen Tablecloths — Pine

Velveteen Tablecloths — Charcoal

Velveteen Tablecloths — Black

Another nice thing about Velveteen is that it’s completely washable. Launder in cold water then set your dryer to low so that your special tablecloth will stay looking brand new for years to come. That’s because it’s 100% polyester, and although that doesn’t sound very sexy, velveteen polyester has all the advantages of real velvet – the fabulous sheen, the glorious softness, and the graceful drapability – but with the durability of synthetic fibers.

So, if you want to add soft luxury to your home, dress up a holiday table, or provide an exquisite tablescape for a sophisticated wedding, start with a Velveteen tablecloth. Interior designers suggest using it in unexpected places (like on a table;-) Also, they recommend choosing rich colors providing a plush backdrop to other pieces in your room. Wouldn’t a vase full of red roses look glorious on a black Velveteen tablecloth? Finally, decorators agree that a little goes a long way, so use it sparingly for a simple, chic design.

When it comes to Velveteen, it’s all about texture. You just have to touch it! If you want to feel our velveteen for yourself – and check out the available colors while you’re at it – check out our fabric sample program. Order as many 6″ x 6″ fabric swatches as you wish and pay just $1.95 to cover shipping costs. For more information, read all about Our Fabric Sample Program.

Velveteen tablecloths are on the cutting edge of kitchen design. Get one for your linen closet so you can pull it out whenever the mood turns romantic. What color will you choose – Scarlet red, Pine green, Charcoal gray, or classic Black? Talk to one of our customer service representatives for more information or to find out what size tablecloth you need for your table. They’re always happy to help. Call 866-327-6025 or Chat during regular business hours. When it comes to soft, luxurious tablecloths, Bright Settings has you covered.