You are going to like the big, bold patterns on Bright Setting’s newest tablecloth fabric called Medallion. I think this fabric is fabulous. Just think of the decorating possibilities. A Medallion tablecloth would look fantastic on a table set with bright, solid-colored dinner plates along with a large-scale centerpiece.

Being a quilter, this lovely Medallion tablecloth fabric brings to mind two popular quilting designs: a Mandala quilt, in which geometric figures radiate from a common center; and a Millefiori quilt, with its interlocking, overlapping geometric pieces.

Have you ever heard of a Mandala? It is an ancient symbol representing the universe. When seen in a dream, it’s said to represent the dreamer’s search for completeness. (Can you see a Native American Dream Catcher or a God’s Eye weaving in the Mandala design below?) Mandalas are artistically pleasing because of their radiating, circular designs.

Millefiori is Italian for “thousand flowers” and is not new to the art world. Bead makers have been using millefiori techniques for centuries. However, the fabric world is now embracing the use of these captivating motifs in their artwork. The intricate hexagon, diamond, and square pieces can be combined in ways that boggle the mind. The overlapping designs give the illusion of depth.

Medallion tablecloths combine the best characteristics of these two patterns. First, you get the impression of three dimensions because of overlapping designs. Plus, you get the engaging composition of intricate shapes emanating from a center motif. The combination makes for a classic, yet modern design that will complement nearly any dining room.

The best part about Medallion tablecloths are that the colors are totally customizable! Medallion is an in-house design so you can choose any colors you want! (To learn more about custom printed tablecloths, check out this blog post.)

Pictured below are some combinations we put together: Black Gold combines black, gold, and white. Citron boasts “celery greens” with shades of pink and white. Plum is a rich design blending gradations of purples with black and white. Turquoise is a riot of blue-greens with black and white accents.

Black and Gold Medallion Tablecloth

Citron Medallion Tablecloth

Plum Medallion Tablecloth

Turquoise Medallion Tablecloth

You can tweak any of these color combinations, or start with your own color palette. For more information about customizing your very own Medallion tablecloth, give us a call at 800-327-6025. You can also Send Us A Message or Chat with a knowledgeable customer service rep during normal business hours. Just remember, when it comes to gorgeous tablecloths, Bright Settings has you (and your table) covered!