This video will help explain all the different options for tablecloths, table skirting sold by Premier Table Linens. We have also transcribed the video if you prefer to read rather than watch, any questions please leave any questions on the comments field or give us a call either way we are pleased to help you.


Hi, this is Ryan with Premier Table Linens and I’d like to talk to you today about the differences between three primary options that we have, which, if you’ve been browsing around our website, can sometimes get a little bit confusing: the differences between a fitted tablecloth, a table skirt and a table throw.

First, we’ll start with a fitted tablecloth as you can see right here. A fitted tablecloth is designed to fit your table. So, if you or your company has their own tables which you take to your own venues, then this option may be very good for you. Fitted tablecloths are designed for that specific table with the options of inverted pleated corners or non-pleated corner. The fitted table cloth is constructed of a top panel and the other panels are sewn together with the pleats, or the no pleats.

A fitted tablecloth will give you a very formal, very professional look, and is ideal if you’re using it for maybe a book signing or a greeting table within your establishment, or if you’re using it for a trade show or something similar. But again, a fitted tablecloth will only work with the table size that it is manufactured for. So it’s imperative that you measure your table first, get the exact measurements, and we will then manufacture it to that size for you. You’ll also notice, on our website, that we have the most common sizes listed. We can manufacture to any size that you might need. So, if you don’t see the size you need, please give our customer service department a call and we’ll be please to manufacture it to your size.

Your second option would be, what we call, a table throw, as you can see just here. A table throw, as I like to call it, is essentially a large piece of fabric which is thrown over the table. This allows you to have a little bit of variance in your size of tables. For example, if you go to trade shows and you are being supplied tables by the venue and you’re not sure whether you’re going to be getting a six foot table or an eight foot table and cover your table, whether the table is going to be 18 inches deep, 30 inches deep, then a table throw may be a very good option for you. Table throws will literally just throw over the table and cover your table. Again, that variance in table we can, if you give us a call we can come up with a middle size that will work for you, dependable upon which particular tables you are going to be getting.

Table skirting is your third option. Table skirting can get a little bit confusing because table skirting consists of three primary pieces. In order to skirt a table you’re going to need, first of all, your table topper, which goes on the top of the table as you can see just here.

You’re then going to need your table skirting clips, which we have different size skirting clips dependable upon the thickness of your table top. So, in order to find the right skirting clips we need to know the depth of your table top. We also have other videos on our YouTube channel which will assist you in finding the right size table skirting clips.

So, you have your table topper, your table skirting clips and then you have your table skirt. Table skirting we sell in the most commonly sold sizes, which is a 29 inch height, and we sell them in various feet or linear feet which means the entire length of that table skirt. Table skirting can be used to skirt the table all the way around the table if you want to. Or, you can skirt just three sides of the table so that your colleagues or personnel can sit behind the table if you’re at a trade show or, you’re doing a meet-and-greet or, something similar, and are available in various sizes: 14 feet, 17 feet and 21 feet. We do also offer custom size table skirting, which you will find on our website, under the table skirting section, in the custom skirting section at the very bottom.

Just to revisit very quickly, a fitted tablecloth, with fitted tablecloths, again, the other option we have is three or four sided. A three-sided tablecloth will leave a drop on the back of the tablecloth of ten inches so you that can sit with your legs underneath the table, or you can store things underneath the table as well.

Hopefully, this answers some of the questions of our three primary products. If you have any other questions, please give us a call at this number, ask to speak to our customer service department, and they’ll be more than pleased to help you.

Thanks very much for your time and we’ll speak to you soon.

Tablecloth, Fitted Tablecloth, and Table Skirting - A Description of Your Options
Tablecloth, Fitted Tablecloth, and Table Skirting - A Description of Your Options

Premier Table Linens, Ryan Cunningham explains the differences between a fitted tablecloth and a table throw and also table skirting. These options can sometimes get confusing with the amount of options available. This video will serve to educate you on the differing options and which would be best for you.