Hygge (pronounced hue-guh not hoo-gah). According to Jan Zimmer, an interior designer writing for USA Today, the hygge trend is rooted in Danish tradition. It elicits thoughts of comfortable tastes and carefree living. More and more, citizens are looking to the quality of their home lives as evidence of wellbeing. The desire for cozy atmospheres and a peaceful ambiance reflect a stark contrast between the hustle and bustle of life and relaxed contentment in the home.

Fans of the popular hygge trend point to its effectiveness as a panacea for anxiety and worry. That makes sense. After all, interior decoration and design of your home presents a rare opportunity to influence your own environment, ensuring it fosters feelings of serenity and clarity. Consider the iconic image of a pastor’s study, shaped with elegant, smoky wood, brimming with the warmth of a classic tall fireplace, inviting to anyone wishing to get away from it all. All that’s left is a cozy chair, your favorite pipe and a good book, then boom! You’ve got the hygge trend in a bottle.

Since being shortlisted for Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year in 2016, the term has grown as a symbol for what the current age of consumers really want; they wish to revel in the pleasure of a life well lived, inclusive of all the delights prosperity brings and the increased happiness that accompanies it.

The word and concept of hygge comes from Denmark–one of the happiest places on earth, according to numerous ranked lists. It lacks a direct English translation. The word, however, conjures specific images of subtle luxury and a restful, peaceful existence. It’s the perfect blend of impressive aesthetics and humble gratitude, a worthy target for inciting pleasant vibrations in home décor or any area of life.

Hygge implies reserved appreciation for simplicity and shuns the unnecessarily complex. The hygge trend relies on the intangible, untouchable, joyful essence that’s so commonly found in seasoned homes: those whose homes reflect the patient, careful decoration of a well-conceived dream. Hygge is a definitive midwinter style choice for anyone looking to savor some cozy for the cold days.

The Danish shaped an entire culture around the idea of being comfortable and enjoying the simple things in life. Many credit hygge with helping Scandinavian peoples push through cold, dark winters like real champs. More than just a trend, hygge is a deliberate lifestyle lived and demonstrated daily. Hygge in home décor is more a statement and testimony to a better way of being and thinking, centered on appreciating the value of living for its own sake and not being so caught up in chasing perfection. Hygge is way more casual than that–far less concerned with confirming itself.

With authentic happiness as its foundation, it’s no wonder denizens of culture and taste are flocking to hygge as a means of manifesting vibrancy and spirit in the home. Our propensity as humans to strive is only matched by our willingness to indulge once we’ve attained our goal. There’s nothing wrong with crafting a space wherein we can release tension and be free of anxiety. It’s one of the main objectives of any solid plans for home décor.

So don’t beat yourself up for wanting to kick back and be cozy, comfortable and content. Be a little messy, it’s okay–no one’s watching. What’s important is that you are able to cast your worries aside and be cool for the day or the evening. That’s what hygge represents. Hopefully, this brief introduction has brought some clarity to a trend that’s sometimes je n’ais se quois to say the least.