Remember decorating the classroom with snowflakes in grade school? We had to use those dull scissors with rounded tips to cut out the snowflakes. It was not easy cutting through 6 or 8 layers of construction paper with those chintzy scissors, but it was worth it when it came time for the big reveal. You never knew what design you were going to get. Then the teacher would hang all the snowflakes from the ceiling and everyone’s mood would be lifted because the snowflakes instantly cheered up the room. Well, why not decorate with snowflakes in your own home and chase away those winter blues?

They say that no two snowflakes are alike, and I contend that no two snowflake tutorials are alike either. I’ve assembled a few of my favorites here. As usual, my criteria for the tutorials are that they are fast and easy.

Let’s talk paper. If you start with paper doilies, half your work is already done. Jillee from “One Good Thing” bought two sizes of inexpensive circle paper doilies from the cake decorating section at Walmart. A few snips later and she had enough snowflakes to make a lovely Snowflake Garland.

Another option is Coffee Filter Snowflakes. “It Works for Bobbi” loves using coffee filters because they’re inexpensive, easy to cut, and look “fluttery” when you’re done. Since they are already in a circle shape, you can get right to folding and cutting. I’d probably iron the snowflakes flat after opening them up just so they’re crisper.

These Paper Snowflakes are made from regular paper . . . something every household has on hand. Bar Rucci from “You Are My Fave”made hers into a Snowflake Table Runner. It sure brightens up the kitchen table, doesn’t it? They would look really nice on a dark tablecloth too.

Whichever way you decide to make your snowflakes, I hope they brighten up your house and brighten up your day. (I had fun just making some snowflakes and I didn’t even hang them up yet;-) Decorating with snowflakes is a quick, inexpensive, and easy way to get creative in the winter.