Do you love decorating for autumn as much as I do? It’s my favorite time of year for sprucing up the house because I absolutely love the colors and holidays of fall. At Bright Settings, we have both Halloween and autumn tablecloths that would make the perfect starting point to decorate your dining room table this fall.

First up is our fun Halloween tablecloth. The black cats, jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, and witches will scare up some smiles with all your guests. The fabric is a 70% Polyester/30% Cotton blend that has a very soft hand and launders up beautifully.

For a tablecloth that will get you all the way through November, consider one of our fall foliage prints. First up is Fall Festival. It features not only pretty leaves, but pumpkins, squash, and grapes on a light background. This fabric is perfect if you decorate with oranges, yellows, and purples. It is also a 70% Polyester/30% Cotton blend.

Autumn Leaves features autumn leaves (of course) along with berries and nuts on a black background. What’s unique about this fabric is the rope-like lattice grid throughout the print. It’s 70% Polyester/30% Cotton blend, too, making it durable yet soft to the touch.

Harvest Time is one of my personal favorites. Look at the large, gorgeous leaves in green, orange, yellow, and red along with purple grapes. The colors stand out against the white background. This fabric is 100% polyester, so it’ll last for many harvest holidays.

Autumn Watercolor features big, beautiful autumn leaves in rich shades of gold, orange and red. The large leaves blend beautifully to cover the whole cloth. They are 100% polyester, so they’re durable and easily laundered.

Don’t forget our other Halloween prints featured in last week’s blog. These Custom Printed Halloween Tablecloths are brand new, and since they’re custom made, you can get them in ANY color you like. How do you like my scarecrow holding a dish of candy corn on our new Halloween Party tablecloth?

In this next picture, he’s sitting on our new Spiderweb tablecloth. I was surprised how much spider-related decorations I found in my Halloween box. Good thing, too, because somehow all the candy corn from the first photograph seemed to vanish before the next photo was taken;-) Must’ve been some hungry ghosts in the house.

No matter if you’re decorating for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or just for autumn in general, Bright Settings has you covered. If you want to see any of these autumn tablecloth fabrics for yourself, order free samples or call 800-327-6025 to speak to one of our wonderful customer service reps. They’re very knowledgeable (and not scary at all.)