Folded napkins add a touch of class to any tablescape. When those folded napkins are displayed in wine glasses or water goblets, the wow factor increases exponentially. Here are a dozen ideas for folded napkins in glasses that I’ve rounded up just for you.

Modish Space shows how quick and easy it is to make this Flower in a Wine Glass. The pink roses are accented by the green leaves. The photo instructions for both napkin folds are provided.

Beyond Elegance also provides a good tutorial for this Fan Napkin In Glass. The plum napkin looks so chic in the wine glass. Can you imagine this on a wedding dinner table? Matte Satin napkins can be purchased or rented from Bright Settings in 38 different colors! With matte satin, you get the soft feel of satin without the shine.

There is no tutorial for this gorgeous fold but I wanted you to see how sophisticated the black satin fabric looks on this wedding table. Satin napkins are available for sale or rent at Bright Settings in 18 glorious colors. They are silky smooth, yet very durable.

I love this Iris in a glass from The tutorial is very well written and includes lots of photographs. I think I’d spray starch the napkins before folding them to get nice, stiff points.

Recipes4Us provides a video tutorial for this Decorative Wine Glass Napkin Fold. I love the decorative, lacy napkins. The scalloped edges make the flower “petals” look so pretty.

Here’s an interesting Candle Fan Fold from Napkin Folding Guide. That would make a bold statement on any table!

Scroll down the page to find the tutorial for this Lily Goblet Fold by Wedding All About. I think it looks like a Bird of Paradise, don’t you? The red and green napkin is a great choice for this fold.

What do you think about this Peacock Napkin Fold from Recipe Tips? If I were making a peacock, I think I’d use an iridescent blue napkin. Bright Settings carries a gorgeous table linen fabric called Majestic that would look great with this napkin fold. It looks like a cross between Dupioni silk and shiny satin. Pictures don’t do it justice. (But you can get free fabric samples if you want to see and feel the fabric.)

Sometimes an actual flower is added to a napkin and placed in a goblet. Check out the white rose surrounded by a blue linen napkin from Tucson Wedding Site. “Linen” napkins are rarely made with linen fabric anymore. True linen comes from flax fibers and is very labor-intensive. Most of today’s linens are made from polyester or polyester blends that have the look and feel of linen fabric.

Here’s another real flower paired with a napkin in a glass. This time it’s an Easter Daffodil Place Setting from Better Homes & Gardens. According to the instructions, you just fold a napkin into quarters then pinch the center to form a point. Put it in a glass and add a daffodil. Wouldn’t that look pretty on a breakfast-in-bed tray?

Over at Cedar Hill Farmhouse, they’re making the family crystal stemware even more special by adding a mum to the folded napkin inside. Looks like the idea of putting a flower and a folded napkin in a glass would work for just about any holiday table.

My favorite napkin folding tutorials can be found right here at There are written instructions accompanied by photographs as well as video tutorials for 24 different napkin folds. Below is the video for the Goblet Fan which couldn’t be easier. Just pleat the napkin like an accordian then fold in half. Place it in a goblet and prepare to receive the accolades you so well deserve;-)

Placing folded napkins in glasses is a terrific way to bump your table decor up a notch or two. Your guests will deem you the hostess with the mostess and kid you about being the next Martha Stewart. Only you will know how quick and easy napkin folding is. Try one of these ideas and see if I’m lying;-)