Not a day goes by at Bright Settings that customers don’t ask us how to figure out the correct tablecloth size they should buy or rent. Luckily, we have a convenient Tablecloth Calculator that makes the whole process painless.

Before I get into the three easy steps, let’s talk about “drop.” In the tablecloth business, drop refers to the length of tablecloth that hangs down from the tabletop. This varies depending on factors such as whether you’re having a formal or informal dinner and whether or not you want to cover up the legs of folding tables. Like most things, there’s some personal preference involved. For instance, quite a few of our customers are dissatisfied with anything less than an 8″ drop because it’s just doesn’t hang down long enough for them. There’s also a difference of opinion regarding formal tablecloths that go all the way too the floor. See the responses that our friends over at Wedding Wire received when this question was posted on their forum: Tablecloths to the ground or shorter?

So if you take those caveats into consideration, you can use this handy table as a guide:

Now that you know how much of a drop you’ll need, determine the type of table you’ll be covering. If it’s square, rectangular, or oval, use the first set of guidelines. If it’s round, use the second set.

Finding the Correct Tablecloth Size for Square, Rectangular, and Oval Tables

  • First, measure the width and length of your table to the nearest inch.
  • Next, determine your “drop.” (See the chart above.)
  • Do the math:
    • Width of Table + Drop + Drop = Width of Tablecloth
    • Length of Table + Drop + Drop = Length of Tablecloth

Here are graphic examples of how to measure the tablecloth size needed for 30″ x 72″ tables:

Finding the Correct Tablecloth Size for Round Tables

  • First, measure the diameter of your table to the nearest inch. (Measure through the center of your table.)
  • Next, determine your “drop.” (See the chart above.)
  • Do the math:
    • Diameter of Table + Drop + Drop = Diameter of Tablecloth

Here’s a graphic showing you how to determine what size tablecloth you need for a 60″ round table:

That’s all there is to it. Now you’re a human tablecloth calculator! If you still have questions about figuring out the correct tablecloth size, just call 800.327.6025 during regular business hours to talk to one of our knowledgeable salespeople. Next week, I’ll talk about standard-sized tables that are widely available at rental halls and what size tablecloths are needed to cover them.