Does your husband or dad like to golf? Then why not try some of these golf themed party ideas for Father’s Day? There are so many cute ways to decorate the table. There are even more ideas for foods that are named after golf sayings. So what do you say? Want to see some par-tee ideas? (That’s a two-fer pun!)

Let’s start with a couple of centerpiece ideas. Here’s a simple plant in a pot of grass with a 19th hole flag from Jac o’Murphy. She got her flag from Etsy, but I’m sure there are free printables on the web.

You may have to borrow a wire bucket from your local driving range to make this centerpiece from EtiquetteMiss Janice. I really like the crimped paper grass, but Easter grass would also work.

I love this centerpiece from Kara’s Party Ideas featuring miniature golf clubs. You could add personalized golf balls and turn them into place cards.

Now that your table is set, start your meal with these “club” sandwiches. I really like how Nico and Lala used golf tees instead of toothpicks to hold the sandwiches together.

And you can’t approach a green without a “chip” shot. TheBlog has lots of golf-themed party ideas like this.

It’s “tea time”. Emily from The Journey of Parenthood says you can’t have a party with out “sweet tee”, especially if you’re in Georgia.

Here are a couple of neat golf-themed cakes and cupcakes. First up from Changing My Destiny is this great cake with a hole cut out. I’m not great with a piping bag but even I could “swing” this.

Betty Crocker provides this Hole In One recipe. You use crushed graham cracker crumbs to simulate the sand, green candy sprinkles for the grass, and a white gumball for the golf ball.

Patty Cakes Bakery has a different take on golf-themed cupcakes. She’s put her cupcakes together to form a fairway, a sand trap, and a green.

Lydia from The Party Wagon serves up these donut “holes-in-one”. I love the placards she used on her table to name the foods.

Just one more dessert, and that’s this cute donut from Party that’s decorated with green shredded coconut, a pretzel stick and a flag made out of a fruit rollup. She used Sixlets for her golf balls instead of gumballs.

Here are two perfect golf-themed tablecloths from Bright Settings that would look great under all your golf-themed food and decorations. First, our Golf tablecloth featuring golf tees and golf balls:

And check out our Classic Golf tablecloth with golf clubs, bags, shoes, gloves, flags, balls and visors on a green background:

Either would look great on your buffet table. So don’t “fore-get” dad on his special day. Celebrate with a few of these golf themed party ideas.