A customer hosting a  St. Patricks’ Day Party called today asking what shades of green are best for St. Patricks day and what and tablecloth fabrics options we had in those colors.
There are four green hues associated with Saint Patrick’s Day.


Ireland is nicknamed the Emerald Isle for its lush, green vegetation. Emerald green is a light, slightly bluish green also known as Paris green, parrot green and Vienna green.


A bright sap green, kelly green is associated with nature and with the surname Kelly (a popular name in Ireland). It’s more yellowish than the other greens of St. Patrick’s Day.


Shamrock green is another shade of spring green that is very close to the green of the Irish flag. It is associated with clover and nature.


Irish green or Irish flag green is a shade of spring green. Sometimes called shamrock green, it’s slightly greener with less blue tones than the color named shamrock green. It’s the green of the Irish flag.

GOLD is the color of the coins in a leprechaun’s pot o’ gold.

Here are great table linen fabrics matches;

In Poly Premier the kelly, emerald and gold.

Duchess fabric  apple, emerald and wheat.

Poly Stripe has my favorite match, emerald and gold. I am using the Poly Stripe emerald tablecloths and the Poly Stripe gold napkins.

Bombay Pintuck apple and burnt gold.