Football season is in full swing once again and we’re back with lots of fantastic recipe ideas. The ideal football friendly appetizer is one that can be eaten without taking your eyes off the screen so you don’t miss that perfect catch or unexpected interception. It’s comfort food that fills your belly and warms your heart. Luckily, here at Bright Settings we have a wealth of ideas to help you find the perfect game day menu!

Chips and Dip

Chips are a staple at any football queso cheese dip, or guacamole (or better yet, all three!) Combine a packet of onion soup mix with a container of sour cream and chill for an hour for the perfect French Onion dip to serve with potato chips.

Party Favorites

Pigs in a Blanket are a football favorite, but consider adding a little something special to take it up a notch! Try adding some cheddar cheese and chopped apple or some jalapeno spiked cream cheese to take them to the next level. Potato skins are another classic that can be given a dose of the unexpected with the addition of unique toppings like blue cheese crumbles or spicy sausage on top.

Serving appetizer sized portions of comfort foods is another popular trend in party food and works shot glasses filled with macaroni and cheese or potato salad!

Who doesn’t enjoy bacon? Our Queen of the Round Ups Angie has 10 Bacon Appetizers that will be a hit at any football party.

You might also consider these fun finger foods:

And if you’re looking for a full meal idea for a football party try making your own build-a-burger bar we d recently.

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