Shamrock Gingham tablecloths combine two charming designs. Gingham checks are always popular. Just add shamrocks inside the plaid design and you have yourself a winning combo, and just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.

Shamrock Gingham Tablecloths

The word “gingham” is of unknown origin. Linguists entertain several theories about where the name originated. It may have come from France, England, or even Asia. Wherever the name derived, this distinguished checkered pattern is now known all over the world. This classic, medium-scale plaid pattern is traditionally made by weaving dyed yarns of two different colors. In the case of Bright Settings’ shamrock gingham fabric, those colors are white and kelly green.

There is also controversy in the world of botany about the precise species of the holiday shamrock. Over the years, botanists have argued about which clover is the true shamrock – the white clover, the red clover, wood sorrel, or another trifolium or oxalis altogether? There is even disagreement about whether or not the shamrock originated in Ireland. Say it ain’t so!

Back in the 5th century, Saint Patrick proclaimed the ubiquitous 3-leaf shamrock to be a metaphor for the holy trinity of Christianity. People still wear the plant in their hats on the 17th day of March, the anniversary of the death of one of the most beloved patron saints of Ireland. The Feast of Saint Patrick is a religious and cultural celebration on the Emerald Isle. Many of us celebrate a more Americanized version of St. Patrick’s Day by imbibing and decorating with all things Irish.

This gorgeous green and white gingham tablecloth is the perfect addition to any St. Paddy’s Day celebration. Imagine your dining room table covered with your new Shamrock Gingham tablecloth and set with green or white dishes. Add a gorgeous centerpiece of shamrocks and you’re ready to bring on the corn beef and hash! Which color shamrock do you like best? Traditional green or the more modern purple shade of oxalis shown below? Either one would look glorious on your St. Patrick’s Day table.

Traditional Green and Purple Oxalis

Oxalis is just one of the three-leaved plants that is sometimes called shamrocks.

Shamrock Gingham tablecloths are made with 100% polyester making them durable and easy to care for. They’re available only at Bright Settings because they’re one of our custom prints. Feel free to call our customer service reps at 800-327-6025 during regular business hours if you need assistance determining the size you should order. Whatever the size of your table, they’ll help you figure what size tablecloth to order. Bright Settings customers have the luck of the Irish on their side – and not just in the month of March. No matter what holiday you’re celebrating, Bright Settings has you covered.