Summer entertaining can be a challenge when it comes to beating the heat. One way to keep guests cool is offering flavorful frozen treats like these gourmet popsicles we’re sharing here today!

Making gourmet popsicles is easier than you think, simply combining a liquid with chopped fruit allows you to try endless variations! For a basic popsicle try combining white grape or apple juice with chopped strawberries and blueberries in a plastic popsicle mold.

You could also try flavors like pineapple juice with cut mango and papaya for a more exotic taste. For a more filling treat substitute yogurt for juice, you could even serve yogurt pops for breakfast or a brunch!

If you’re serving an adults-only crowd try freezing your cocktails! Use a pre-made margarita mix topped with sliced limes and garnished with margarita salt to create margarita pops. Daiquiris would also freeze beautifully into pops as well, and white wine frozen with sliced grapes is another grown-up treat sure to be a hit!

Serving your frozen treats to a crowd can be the trickiest part of making these summer popsicles. I like to fill ceramic berry baskets with ice and laying pops on top but you could use any kind of container you might have on hand.

Would you serve popsicles at a party or event? What kind of gourmet pops are your favorite?