If you have an older home with a fireplace that no longer works, it can be a challenge to figure out how to decorate a non-working fireplace to make it look like a gorgeous design feature that matches your décor. However, depending on your preferences and the style of your home, various choices exist to make that fireplace insert look fabulous and like a focal point in the room.

1. Holiday Items – As you can see in the top photo, a fireplace insert is the perfect spot to decorate for the holidays. Whether it’s Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, or any other special occasion, you can fill the insert with items that display the fun of the season. You can even place beautifully wrapped presents here for your family and friends.

2. Reading Materials – You can arrange one or more stacks of books within the fireplace insert to give the area a great look and function. Leather-bound books will appear exceptionally stylish. You can also keep your magazines here, either in stacks or use a chic magazine stand. Your items will remain out of the way but will be easily accessible whenever you want something to read.

3. Candles – One favorite way to decorate a fireplace insert is with candles. For an elegant look, choose one neutral color. To create a bold, distinctive look, try a variety of colors. Use tall, slim candles in the back, then slightly shorter, fat candles in the center, and place your smallest candles in the front for a coordinated-looking arrangement. For a more eclectic design, choose a random placement for each candle.

4. Flower Arrangement – Place a large flower arrangement in the center of the fireplace insert. Use a gorgeous decorator pot for the best look. You can display real flowers here if you have a garden where you can cut fresh ones whenever you need. If not, choose artificial flowers that are in season so that they will appear more real. You can select flowers with colors that coordinate with your décor or choose contrasting colors to make the arrangement stand out and attract more attention.

5. Wicker Baskets – You can place one or more wicker baskets inside the fireplace insert for a tasteful look. Leave them a natural brown or paint them any color that will coordinate with your décor. To give the area a more impressive appearance, use different sized baskets or place one atop some bricks or on a short stool. You can leave the baskets empty or fill them with yarn, seashells, or even toys.

6. Pet Niche – Place a comfortable bed along with some toys in the fireplace insert to create a cozy niche for your pet. They’ll love having a specific spot just for them in an area where the family gathers. With their items in the insert, they also won’t be taking up as much open floor space that you might need to use for something else.

7. Sculpture – A classy way to decorate your fireplace insert is to place an eye-catching sculpture in that space. For the best appearance, use only one and select a sculpture that takes up most of the area. A white statue will give your room an elegant look. For a traditional look, try something in bronze with a stunning patina. For a rustic appearance, opt for a figure carved out of wood.

8. Shelving – A useful and chic look for a fireplace insert is to build shelves into that space. If you have a set of collectibles, this creates the perfect place to display them. You can also show off a variety of other décor items. Photos of the family are an excellent choice. Things you’ve collected on your travels would also look marvelous here. Match the shelving color to the color of your insert or opt for glass shelves for a more open look.

9. Stack Firewood – A traditional look for a non-working fireplace insert is to place logs here. You can fill the insert entirely or arrange a few pieces of wood to make it appear as if it’s a working fireplace. You can also place a tin container within the insert and fill it with logs. For a shallow fireplace insert, select just a couple of nice-looking pieces of wood and stack one on top of the other.

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10. Wine Storage – Place a rack within the fireplace insert to display your bottles of wine. If you can’t find one that fits, build a custom rack yourself. It’s a great space to store your bottles, instead of taking up extra room elsewhere in the house. If you like this look but don’t want liquor in the house, use empty bottles. Choose various colored ones to give the space more appeal.

A non-working fireplace insert doesn’t have to remain empty. With a little thought, you can create a design that’s functional or just something that adds to your décor with a gorgeous look.