With 2014 just around the corner it’s time to plan those New Year’s Eve parties! With just a little planning ahead and these easy tips, you can be sure to have a successful start to the new year!

1. Start it Late

Plan for your party to begin at 9 or 10 pm so that the fiesta is in full swing at midnight. Starting the party earlier risks guests getting tired by time the big moment rolls around.

2. Supply Classic Accessories

What New Years Eve party could be complete without party hats, noise makers and horns? Consider handing out containers of confetti if mess isn’t an option! For tablecloths, use blacks or whites, and add metallics like tinsel garland for a festive feel and be sure to put away Christmas decor ahead of time to keep the theme focused on the new year.

3. Simplify the Menu

Because the party starts after dinner there’s no need for a full meal but have easy hors d’oeurves and finger foods on hand to help satisfy hungry guests.

No New Year’s Eve party is complete without the bubbly so stock up on champagne flutes (real or disposable) and invest in at least enough Champagne or Prosecco for guests to toast at midnight. Don’t forget to supply sparkling juices for the non-drinkers!

4. Prepare for the Countdown

Consider having a large clock with a second hand for the final countdown to midnight or alternatively turning the TV on a televised countdown. Be sure to offer refills ahead of the midnight toast and gather everyone’s attention during the last minute!

5. Plan Ahead for Safety

Forward planning can help ensure that your celebration doesn’t end with unwise decisions. Ensure that guests who are drinking have a designated driver. Have taxi service numbers on hand for those that don’t have a designated driver. If space allows prepare an area for overnight guests.