As the famous designer Marc Jacobs once said, “There is never a wrong time for polka dots.” That’s because polka dots never go out of style! And if you like little dots, you’ll absolutely LOVE big dots! And you’re in luck because Bright Settings now has big dot polka dot tablecloths featuring, what else . . . big dots!

Bright Settings’ newest tablecloth fabric is called Big Dot. The 2″ diameter circles make a big statement, and that statement is “Wow!” Shown below are four color combinations that we put together in-house. But since Big Dot is a custom print, you can choose your favorite colors. Pick whatever color circles you want and put them on any color of background. Imagine the possibilities! So, please contact us if you want a color combo that is not shown here because we can definitely do it for you.

This Black dot on a White background is a classic look, as is this slightly more subdued Black dot on Ivory.

Brighten up your event by picking bold colors. Here are just two examples: Fuchsia on White and Coral on White.

Are you planning a birthday party for a little girl who loves all things purple? Hosting a soirée with an unusual color scheme? Or maybe you’re organizing a whimsical bridal shower and need just the right color of polka dotted tablecloths that can’t be found in any of the big box stores. No matter what the event, custom colored big dot tablecloths may be just the answer to your table setting question.

Accessorizing tables with polka dots never goes out of style. Customized colors elevate any event to an even higher level. Call our knowledgeable sales representatives at 800-327-6025 for all the details about customizing your table linen. And always remember, when it comes to accessorizing your table with big dot polka dot tablecloths, Bright Settings has you covered!