You know us best as your table linen source. But did you know that Bright Settings also has many different kinds of Banquet Folding Tables? As a matter of fact, we carry twelve different kinds! They’re a perfect solution for banquet halls and cafeterias as well as home use. What’s more, we offer banquet tables made with different materials, so you have a wide variety of choices. Which banquet folding table fits yours needs best? Let’s take a look at the different types of tables available: Blow-Molded, ABS, Aluminum, and Plywood.

Blow-Molded Plastic Banquet Folding Tables

Blow-Molded Plastic Banquet Folding Tables from National Public Seating

Blow-Molded tables are the perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor use. They are weather resistant and highly durable with a 1000 pound weight capacity. They’re lightweight – especially compared to those ubiquitous old-fashioned plywood tables – and easily moved by one person using the integrated handles found underneath. They’re also affordable and come with a 5-Year warranty.

Colored, Light Duty, Blow-Molded Folding Banquet Tables from National Public Seating

These light-weight folding tables come in brilliant red or blue plastic! As if that’s not enough, their height is adjustable from 22″ to 32″ They’re perfect for indoor or outdoor use, are easily carried by one person, and come with a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer. You won’t break the bank with these affordable tables.

Colored, Heavy Duty, Blow-Molded Folding Banquet Tables from Correll

These heavy-duty folding tables come in 4 bright colors: red, blue, yellow, and green. The colors never wear or scratch off because they go all the way through the plastic. They are designed for commercial use because they can be cleaned without damage and actually resist harsh chemicals. They’re great for outdoor use because the plastic top is waterproof. The legs are made with strong, 18-gauge steel. They’re rugged, yet lightweight.

ABS Plastic Banquet Folding Tables

ABS Plastic Banquet Folding Tables

These fabulous plastic banquet tables are made using a plastic-injection manufacturing process. They’re similar to blow-molded but are more durable because they’re not hollow. They come with a 15-year warranty by the manufacturer, Mity-Lite. As the company name implies, these folding tables are both strong and easy to move by one person. Make sure you check out the incredible video to see what makes them so durable.

Aluminum Banquet Folding Tables

Southern Aluminum Alulite Banquet Folding Tables

Southern Aluminum is one of the top folding table manufacturers in the world. Their trademarked aircraft-grade aluminum extrusion system, Alulite, is celebrated as a workwork in the industry. These tables are perfect for indoor and outdoor use, have a 4000 pound capacity, and come with a lifetime warranty. Alulite banqeut tables come with three different leg styles: Wishbone, H-style, and Roman II legs.

Southern Aluminum MardiGras Banquet Folding Tables

MardiGras tables are a less expensive alternative to Alulite. The table tops are slightly thinner and have a smaller edge profile. They hold 3000 pounds of distributed weight and are backed with a 15 year guarantee.

Southern Aluminum T2 Folding Tables

The T2 aluminum easily converts from an 18″ training table with a 12″ modesty panel to a 30″ banquet table. With a multitude of laminate inlay options and powder coated perimeters and legs, you can match any decor.

Southern Aluminum Remarkable Banquet Folding Tables

Our last folding table from Southern Aluminum is “Remarkable.” They have a high-performance white finish that lets you write directly on the table top with dry-erase markers. They’re perfect for educational and artistic environments. They come with a lifetime warranty, support up to 4000 pounds, and have 4 different leg style options.

Plywood Banquet Folding Tables

Standard Plywood Banquet Folding Tables

Our standard plywood folding tables have a 3/4″ Douglas Fir top that last much longer than imports which often have thinner tops. Veteran plywood tables inexpensively replace older plywood tables with the same traditional look. Check out how Veteran’s specifications compare to other plywood tables by downloading the PDF available on our website.

Hotel-Duty Plywood Folding Banquet Tables

Our heavy-duty plywood tables have so many attributes, you should really check out the specs on our website. Needless to say, these tough tables are perfect for commercial use.

Want to talk tables with the experts? Just give us a call at 800-327-6025 during normal business hours. We can walk you through all your options and provide you with a quote. Did you know that you get a price break with larger quantities? PDFs for each folding table can be found on their respective webpage. You can also chat with us online or send a message in off hours. We’ll be happy to talk tables with you.