Banquet hall tables most often come in standard sizes. To order the right sized tablecloths for your special event, you need to know what table sizes are provided by the banquet hall you’re renting. Once you have that information, you can refer to the following Banquet Hall Tablecloth Chart to figure out what size tablecloths you’ll need.

You can download the above chart: Banquet Hall Tablecloth Chart PDF (58 KB)

As noted in our recent blog post about calculating tablecloth sizes, the preferred drop of the tablecloth depends on several factors including how formal the event is and what type of table is being used. Measurements are based on the standard table height of 29″-30″ from the tabletop to the floor. Here’s a quick synopsis of drops:

  • Informal dinners call for a drop of 8″-12″.
  • Formal dinners call for a drop of 10″-15″ so the tablecloth comes to the guest’s lap.
  • Lavish receptions (or when using tables with legs that you want covered) use 29″-30″ drops to the floor.
  • Buffet, Cake, and Gift Tables use 29″-30″ drops to the floor.

Bright Settings rents tablecloths in all of the sizes listed in the above chart. You can also buy tablecloths from us in both standard and custom sizes. However, for one-time special events, it makes sense to rent from us for the following reasons:

  • It won’t cost as much.
  • Hundreds of Fabric and Color Options! We rent tablecloths in forty-one different fabrics. Some fabrics come in up to seventy colors.
  • Free Fabric Samples ($1.95 shipping fee). Check out our blog post about why ordering fabric samples is so important.
  • No laundering! You don’t have to wash a thing! Just shake off what you can before you send them back to us in the boxes they came in.
  • Orders of $250 or more ship for 50% off the standard UPS rate.
  • Free Return Shipping. Just use the free shipping labels we provide.
  • Rent from Anywhere in the Continental USA.

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So if you have a big event coming up, get the measurements of the tables you’ll be using and use our handy Banquet Hall Tablecloth Chart to see what tablecloths fit your needs. If you want more assistance, we’re here for you.