Have you ever dreamed of having your very own bonfire party? We are here today with a full list of great links on how to have a bonfire party of your very own. Start gathering scrap wood today. Fall is prime time to gather friends and family in the backyard around a fire.

Start with some invitations to get your bonfire party off to a great start. Print these free invitations for a cheap and easy way to get your party started.

Now that your invites are all sent, lets plan for some decor. Start with hay bales for seating along with plenty of blankets and candle light.
Take that idea one step further and use hay bales to make your table as well. The farm theme just keeps on getting better right? Be sure to order some rustic or country themed table linen to put on your table.

Make a smores bar on top of your table for easy access to everyone’s favorite bonfire dessert. Achieve the look below with a white jute tablecloth.

Speaking of food—what will you make at your bonfire? Be sure to checkout this go to recipes list for lots of bonfire inspiration.
Maybe you even want to make some of these bonfire themed cupcakes for your festive bash.

Keep your guests occupied with lots of outdoor games. This list of 10 great camping games should fit the bill.

Now for the star of the show—the fire! Yes you can have a simple stack of old wood on the ground. But if you want to get a little fancier how about turning an old washing machine into a fire pit?

Or put your carving skills to the test and let your bonfire be a stack of lit pumpkins.

Last but not least, don’t let your guests leave empty handed. Send them home with these great bonfire party favors.

If you have access to a truck or trailer, a hayride is also a great addition to any bonfire party. Are you excited about the possibilities of fall parties? Maybe you could make your Halloween bash a bonfire. The possibilities are endless. Party all winter long with these great bonfire party ideas. What other ideas do you have on how to have a bonfire party?