Wouldn’t it look cool if your servers’ aprons matched the tablecloths? This can be easily accomplished if you shop at Bright Settings! We offer matching aprons in 113 of our 200 fabrics, and you can mix and match to optimize the impact of your decor. Aprons not only protect clothing, they are an inexpensive way to bring a look together in a commercial setting or at a special event.

You can order our aprons in 4 different combinations of sizes and styles. We carry both 24″ and 34″ length bib aprons with no pockets, 24″ length bib aprons with 3 pockets, and 21″ waist bib aprons with 3 pockets. Bib aprons provide protection for the waist and chest areas. They’re suitable for both commercial and home use. Pockets are handy for carrying notepads, pens, etc. Chefs have even been known to stash kitchen utensils in their apron pockets!

Some servers prefer waist aprons (sometimes called half aprons.) Waist aprons are easily adjusted to accommodate any height by folding the fabric around the waist and then wrapping the ties. Check out this video for more information.

Don’t waste your money buying cheap aprons from big box stores. They may not stand up to repeated washings because the inferior fabric tends to fray, thin out, and lose its color when laundered. Plus, the constructions is often subpar. At Bright Settings, you’ll get only top-notch sewing along with durable and colorfast fabrics.

One of our most popular fabrics for aprons is Spun Polyester. It’s a medium-weight, high-quality fabric available in 26 colors. For a more economical apron, consider our Basic Polyester Solids. Aprons are available in 72 colors! They’re perfect for restaurants as well as home use. For a little fun, have your aprons made from Polycheck. These fun checks come in 8 pretty colors (combined with white): Black, Burgundy, Red, Lemon, Cafe, Moss, Teal, and Royal Blue.

Aprons are a fashionable way to keep yourself and your servers neat and tidy, plus they can make a fun fashion statement. Since they’re available in so many fabrics and fits, you’re sure to find the perfect apron for your needs at Bright Settings. Matching your aprons to your venue’s decor is an easy way to pull a look together. Quantity discounts are available at Bright Settings, so give us a call at 1-800-327-6025 during regular business hours. You can also chat with us online or send a message in off-hours. We’ll be happy to answer all your apron-related questions. At Bright Settings, we’ve got you (and your clothes) covered!