Last week, I rounded up a dozen ghost decorations, but this week, it’s mummy time. These mummy decorations use some obvious and some not-so-obvious materials. You’d expect to see first aid gauze and cheesecloth strips in these mummy tutorials, but how about white party streamers? Check out these great mummy decorations tutorials:

These mummy candy cans from HGTV make wonderful party favors. Just upcycle some tin cans by wrapping them with strips of cheesecloth. Add some googly eyes and you’re ready to fill them with candy for your favorite goblins.

These mummy jars from All You make great luminaries. Wrap medical gauze around canning jars, then add a candle.

Jennifer from Intentionally Me shows you how to make this adorable mummy decoration using self-sticking medical gauze. Add a votive candle for a great table centerpiece.

Alecia at Chicken Scratch NY provides a great tutorial for making this mummy vase. She wrapped her dollar store vase with strips of muslin before adding pretty mums.

Lizz from A Little Bit of This and That wrapped – what else? – a pumpkin with gauze. This is a great way to decorate a jack-o-lantern without all that messy carving.

Kymm from Will Work For Eskimo Kisses has the perfect idea for a hostess gift. Wrap a wine bottle with cloth adhesive tape and add googly eyes. What a great way to make an entrance at an adult Halloween party!

Scott from Make Fun Creating has a great tutorial for decorating your kitchen knife block. Just download his mummy artwork and print it out on card stock. Cut out the mummy shape and position it on your knife holder as instructed. My boys will love this!

When I was a school teacher, I often decorated my classroom door for the holidays. I wish I would have known about this Halloween idea from Always The Holidays. It’s a quick and inexpensive way to embellish any door because you use crepe-paper streamers! Trick-or-treaters would love knocking on this mummy door.

Granted, mummy costumes aren’t technically decorations, but I couldn’t resist. Di from Super Lucky soaked rolls of white bandages in tea to get a nice color, then wrapped this lucky baby (who was wearing white leggings and a long-sleeve shirt) with the reusable bandages.

Have you ever tried wrapping a kid up in bandages? It’s not as easy as it looks. Nellie Bellie has some great tips for making a mummy costume that stays put. She shredded an old bed sheet into strips and tea-dyed them for a nice patina.

Whether you use bandages, streamers, muslin, or cheesecloth, with these mummy decoration tutorials, you can’t go wrong. Let me “wrap up” this blog post by sharing a timely cartoon from The Meta Picture. It’s the best reason I can think of for NOT wrapping your mummy with toilet paper!