Differences in Dye Lots

If you purchased a tablecloth from us in the past and you want to order more table linen in the exact same color, it may not be possible to exactly match the color that you currently own. Even though you can purchase the same fabric and color by name from us today, the color may be slightly different. This is because of differences in dye lots. A dye lot is a record taken during the dyeing process to identify fabric that is dyed in the same vat at the same time. Slight differences in dyeing time, temperature, and other factors can result in different shades of the same color between different dye lots. That is one of the reasons we recommend you order fabric samples.

Different Screens Display Colors Differently

If matching your table linen colors with your decor is important to you, you should order fabric samples. Computer monitors, smart phones, tablets… the colors in images you see on these devices can vary greatly depending on the screen you’re using. And if you’re trying to match colors to your decor or for a big event, accuracy can pose a real challenge. That’s why Bright Settings has a Fabric Sample Program in which we offer free swatches of any of our tablecloth fabrics for just $1.95 shipping.

The images above represent a range of what any given image may look like to someone viewing this web page today. Therefore, an image that looks good on one computer might look completely different on another. The image at the far left is true to the real colors, the second one from the left represents a very limited color palette (due to the computer’s color capabilities or the wrong file format), the third from the left is a much lighter version of the first one, and the last image on the right represents a very bad color distortion caused by a very old monitor.

Same Name, Different Color

Not only can’t you rely on your screen for color accuracy, you definitely can’t depend on the names of the colors that manufacturers assign their products. Cherry Red may be a different shade from one manufacturer to another and may not even come close to the industry standard set by Pantone. Heck, there are even variations in the color black. That’s why we highly recommend employing color swatches in your decision-making process.

Subtle Color Variations Can be Difficult to Distinguish

Sometimes color variations are very subtle. It’s hard to distinguish between colors unless you have them right in front of you for comparison. When I’m stocking tablecloths at our facility, I always have to double-check certain colors. For example, turquoise and teal. One goes toward blue and one goes toward green, but I can never keep them straight. And apparently, neither can the rest of the world. Just go shopping online for a teal or turquoise blouse and see all the variations! That’s why I keep fabric swatches right in front of me when stocking shelves.

Which is teal and which is turquoise? Turquoise is on the left!

Light Source Affects Color Accuracy

Another variable in color accuracy is the light source. I’m a quilter and when I’m shopping for fabric at a quilt store with fluorescent lights, I take my selections to a window so I can see the colors under natural light. Bridesmaid dresses can look very different outdoors than they do under the artificial lighting of bridal stores. Since you may be choosing tablecloths with your bridesmaids’ dresses in mind, (especially since they’re probably the colors you’ve chosen for your wedding) it’s a good idea to view your color swatches under different light sources. If you’re trying to match tablecloths to your decor, put the color swatches against your painted walls, your wallpaper, or your carpet under the lighting conditions that will exist in the room at the time of your event.

About Bright Settings’ Fabric Sample Program

How do you get these invaluable tablecloth fabric color swatches? It couldn’t be easier. We offer 6″x6″ fabric samples of all of our fabrics and colors. The fabric samples are free of charge, all you have to do is pay $1.95 for shipping. Each sample swatch comes with a label on the fabric that includes the fabric name, color, and fiber content. Order as many as you want or need. We’ll ship them to you immediately via USPS for just $1.95. You can find out even more about how to order fabric samples in this previous blog post: Our Fabric Sample Program.