How do you like our new Ombré Paisley tablecloths, hombre? Ombré fabrics are very hot right now and classic paisley designs are always in style. Put the two together and you have yourself the newest chic tablecloth from Bright Settings.

Ombré is a coloring process that involves graduated shades of one or more colors. You can find it everywhere these days from fashion to home dec. (Have you seen ombré hair dyes?) As a quilter, I use ombré fabrics whenever I can because they do so much of the work for you when it comes to choosing colors that blend nicely. Sometimes an ombré fabric has gradations of one glorious color ranging from light to dark in one piece of fabric. Others have several colors that blend into each other seamlessly. All a clever quilter has to do is cut a strip of fabric from salvage to salvage and she has herself a perfectly coordinated parade of colors in one fell swoop.

That’s just what our Ombré Paisley tablecloth fabric does. The background color (which you get to choose!) subtlety morphs from one beautiful shade into another, then back again. A classic feather-shaped paisley pattern is then overlaid over the ombré background. And guess what? You get to choose the color of the paisley design too!

That’s because Ombré Paisley is one of our new custom prints. That means it’s an in-house design that’s completely customizable. You can choose any colors you want for the ombré background and pick another for the paisley. Maybe you want to match your unique dining room decor. Or maybe you’re planning a fabulous wedding and want the perfect tablecloths to match your color scheme. To learn more about custom printed tablecloths, check out this blog post.

Here are two color combinations that you might enjoy – although the photographs just don’t do the tablecloths justice. The first is Blue-Pink. The blue background gradates from light to dark blue with pink paisley designs on top. Pink-Green has a lovely green ombré background with pink paisley on top. Both are gorgeous laid out on a long table that shows off the bands of color gradations.

Blue-Pink Ombré Paisley Tablecloths

Pink-Green Ombré Paisley Tablecloths

Ombré Paisley tablecloths combine modern and classic styles so they’re perfect for both contemporary and traditional decorating schemes. Let one of our tablecloth experts assist you in choosing the perfect colors for your own custom tablecloth. Call 800-327-6025 to speak to one of our knowledgeable sales reps about our fabulous new Ombré Paisley tablecloths. You’ll soon find out that at Bright Settings, we have you (and your table) covered!