Incorporating food into your table centerpiece is a unique way to dress up a standard bouquet or add a special touch to a holiday meal. Here are fifteen unique ideas for incorporating food into your next table centerpiece!

1. Cranberry Vase via My Insanity 2. Lily and Lime Vase via The V Spot 3. Rose and Lemon Vase via My Insanity 4. Orange and Roses Vase via The V Spot

One of the most common ways to incorporate food into a centerpiece is lining your flower vase. This covers the stems of your bouquet and adds visual interest. Sliced citrus adds a bright touch to spring and summer centerpieces, while cranberries and lentils give a more homey, holiday feel.

1. Pear Arrangement via The V Spot 2. Artichoke Centerpiece via Amy Atlas 3. Artichoke and Onion Arrangement via Sand and Sisal

You can also incorporate food items into the bouquet itself. An autumn flower arrangement can host mini pumpkins and gourds, fruit adds a special touch to a bouquet, and my personal favorite are artichoke arrangements!

C 1. Green and White Centerpiece via Sand and Sisal 2. Cranberry Centerpiece via Madigan Made 3. Lentil Candles via The Space Between

As an alternative to using flowers in your centerpiece consider using candles surrounded by lentils, berries, or even herbs! Just be sure that the materials you use are not flammable or use flameless candles.

1. Peeps Centerpiece via Homemadeville 2. Cornucopia Centerpiece via My Insanity 3. Tangerine and Pine Cone Centerpiece via The V Spot

If you are decorating a holiday table add a touch of whimsy with seasonal candies, or go the traditional route with a Thanksgiving cornucopia.

1. Palette Cupcake Centerpiece via Homemadeville 2. Carved Cantaloupe Centerpiece via Suzy’s Sitcom

Are you artistic? Showcase beautifully decorated cupcakes in a cupcake stand as your centerpiece or take on the challenge of learning to carve flowers from fruits like apples or cantaloupes!

I hope you are as inspired as I am to add a bit of the unexpected to your next centerpiece! Which of these amazing centerpieces was your favorite?