Wouldn’t this Valentine Hearts Tablecloth look great on your romantic Valentine’s Day table? You could also use it to brighten up a bridal shower or make a wedding reception even more joyous. Valentine Hearts is the perfect table covering for a wedding rehearsal dinner, too.
Red hearts on a white background with black outlines is the classic color combination for Valentine’s Day, but you can customize this design using any colors you want. That’s because Valentine Hearts is one of Bright Settings’ in-house customizable designs. Maybe you have a hard-to-find color combo for your upcoming nuptials. Choosing custom tablecloths is the way to get the perfect colors you need. For more information about custom tablecloths, click or call 800-327-6025 to speak to one of our knowledgeable sales reps.

Valentine Hearts is a graphic print that looks great in a modern kitchen. The whimsical design makes a great backdrop for a contemporary centerpiece. A sleek, glossy vase made of metal or glass would be a perfect base for a bunch of red roses. Add a few bold, solid black, white, or red dinner plates, and you’ll have yourself a playful, yet elegant, dinner table.

Valentine Hearts fabric is 100% polyester that washes up very nicely in warm water. The durable fabric will look great for years to come. This unique tablecloth is a great addition to anyone’s linen closet. And it would make a great gift for newlyweds!

In addition to Valentine Hearts, Bright Settings has dozens of brand new designs. If you haven’t browsed our website lately, check them out by clicking here. And don’t forget that you can talk to our knowledgeable customer service experts for advice on ordering the right size tablecloth. They’re available during regular business hours and are happy to their extensive tablecloth knowledge with you. For all your tablecloth needs, Bright Settings has you covered!