Whether your wedding ceremony is an indoor or an outdoor affair, an aisle runner adds a touch of elegance to the occasion. For outdoor weddings that don’t have permanent seating like church pews, an aisle runner provides an extra advantage – it delineates the path to be walked by the bridal party. If your church or wedding venue doesn’t provide aisle runners, you can rent a 3′ wide, 25′ long aisle runner from Bright Settings for under $25.

Did you know that the original reason for using aisle runners was to keep the bride’s dress clean? Because of dirt roads, muddy shoes, and horse “rubbish”, guest’s shoes could make a real mess of a church floor. What bride wants to walk down a filthy walkway and ruin her gorgeous train? Today, an aisle runner elevates a classic ceremony and provides the perfect canvas for decorations. Here are some aisle runner embellishing ideas and tips.

Aisle Runner Wedding Ideas

  • Flower Petals – The classic embellishment for aisle runners is flower petals. You don’t have to use fresh flower petals. Silk flowers can be as pretty as real ones, but are less expensive and more durable.
    • Spread them randomly (with or without the assistance of the flower girls;-)
    • Place them in the shape of a heart or other figure.
    • Outline the couple’s monogram in flower petals.
    • Spell out the word “love” or any other phrase important to the bride and groom.
  • Candles – What’s more romantic than candles? Line your aisle runner with candles for a picturesque thoroughfare.
  • Shepherd Hooks – For outdoor ceremonies, line each side of the aisle runner with shepherd hooks and hang flower baskets, topiary balls, or tulle draping.
  • Flower Arrangements in Special Containers – Have your florist make a several flower arrangements to be displayed in vases, urns, baskets, barrels, or any other containers appropriate for your wedding decor. Line each side of your aisle runner with these stately flower pots in preparation for the bride’s grand entrance.
  • Specialty Wedding Ideas –
    • Having a fall wedding? Line the aisle runner with autumn leaves.
    • Getting married on the beach? Spread sea shells along the edges.
    • Eloping in Vegas? How about a deck of cards strewn over the aisle runner just for fun!
    • Having a themed wedding? Let your imagination run wild for items that would add to the theme.

Aisle Runner Tips and Tricks

Here are a few things to keep in mind when using aisle runners, especially out of doors:

  • Wind – Even a light breeze may displace an aisle runner if it’s not anchored down on the corners.
  • Soft ground – High heels could be problematic if the ground is wet (whether you’re using an aisle runner or not.) Consider placing plywood, outdoor carpet/turf, or another sturdy structure underneath the aisle runner.
  • Cheap aisle runners – Lightweight, disposable aisle runners can be more trouble than they’re worth. They can easily acquire wrinkles causing a potential tripping hazard. Using a heavier fabric aisle runner that’s secured at the corners drastically reduces this problem.

No matter how you decorate your aisle runner, the guests and bridal party will appreciate the fancy addition and the bride will look even more elegant. For assistance renting or buying an aisle runner, call Bright Settings at 800-327-6025.