Even if you don’t like the taste of candy corn, you gotta admit, those little orange, white, and yellow candies are adorable. I’ve rounded up several cool ways to decorate with candy corn that are fast, fun, and inexpensive – the trifecta of crafting. I think the best thing about decorating with candy corn is that there are no calories involved . . . unless you nibble while you craft!

One of the easiest things to do with candy corn is to use the colorful candy as a filler in a glass vase. According to Craft Elf, the secret is putting one vase (or jar) inside of a larger glass vase, then filling the gap with candy corn. Add flowers to the inside vase (how about orange, white, and yellow ones!) to make a wonderful fall centerpiece.

Sarah from Put Together used the same concept of filling a glass vase with candy corn, but instead of flowers, she put tea light candles inside. I love the size of these a candle holders. You could put several down the center of a fall tablescape.

The Sweet & Crunchy blog, Oh! Nuts, has several ideas for decorating with candy corn. My favorite is this wreath. All you need is a styrofoam wreath and a hot glue gun!

While you have your hot glue gun out, why not make this strangely artistic candy corn ball from Woman’s Day? Start with a styrofoam ball and lots and lots of candy corns. I find the juxtaposition between the candy corn ball and the black urns intriguing!

This candy corn topiary from Southern Yankee Mix is very similar to the candy corn ball above, except that this ball shape is on top of a stick. Tori Spelling made this one!

Make And Take shows you how to attach candy corn to ribbon for a quick garland that would look great at home or in the classroom. I didn’t let my kids use a hot glue gun until they were teenagers, but I bet another tacky glue would work just as well.

Here’s another kid-friendly craft from Bargain Briana. She started with an inexpensive dollar store frame and hot glued candy corn to it. Simple and sweet.

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a jack o’lantern, and this one from Info Barrel is awesome. After cutting out holes for the eyes, nose, and mouth, just hot glue candy corn all over the surface. They say it’s time consuming, but well worth it, don’t you think?

Instructables always has great tutorials including this one for Candy Corn on the Cob. Contributor Crazy Clever gives great instructions including some variations for the cookie dough center.

Of course, if you’re decorating the house you may as well decorate yourself. What girl wouldn’t love to wear this funky bracelet to a halloween party? Chica And Jo give a quick tutorial for stringing these candy corns into a bracelet. This would be a perfect accent if you’re planning to dress up like Wilma Flintstone!

If you’re looking for a great tablecloth to put under your candy corn decorations, check out Bright Settings’ Halloween tablecloths. This poly/cotton blend is durable and cleans up very nicely.

Of course, you could go with the classic solid black basic polyester tablecloth and maybe top it off with a orange table runner (or vice versa.) Better yet, how about using those quintessential colors – orange, cornsilk yellow, and white – of the beloved perennial halloween favorite – candy corn!

Play this video for more information about our basic polyester fabric: