Whether you’re planning a formal wedding, an Oscar party, or a simple Father’s Day buffet, tuxedo inspired table decor could be just the ticket. The classic black and white color combo looks spectacular on a buffet table and can be accented with a splash of any bright color. Here is a roundup of tuxedo table ideas and DIYs to inspire you.

First, fold a cloth napkin into the shape of a tuxedo with Hip GirlBoutique’s napkin folding tutorial. Add bow tie and corsage to complete the look.

You can have your tuxedo napkin do double duty by inserting a menu. Check out all the nice black and white wedding ideas on Glow Studio’s website.

You can also fold paper napkins into a tuxedo. Trendenser used both a black and a white paper napkin to make this wonderful tuxedo and dress shirt napkin. Add a bow tie made of satin ribbon for a spectacular black and white table.

Or you can make your bow tie out of a paper napkin! That’s what the folks at Better Homes and Gardens did. You could even get the kids involved because they’ve included very simple instructions that are easy to follow.

Technically, this is a tuxedo greeting card, but the tutorial from CardsA Cuppa could be easily adapted into a table favor, a place card, or even a menu.

I love the black and white dessert table ideas from Divine Party Concepts, especially the little tuxedo bow ties on their champagne glasses.

You could also make felt tuxedo charms for your wine glasses like Deanna from Sew McCool did. She’s included a tutorial for all you crafters. Wouldn’t it be cute if each tuxedo had a different color of bow tie on it? That way people could tell the wine glasses apart.

Check out this adorable tuxedo champagne bottle cozy from Better Homes & Gardens. Just follow their great instructions on how to put together some black, white, and red felt to dress up your champagne bottles.

Now that your table is set, how about some tuxedo-inspired food? Chocolate dipped strawberries look great on any party table, especially when they’re made to look like tuxedos like these ones from My Sweet and Saucy do.

These sugar cookies from Procrastinista look complicated, so if you’re not good with a piping bag, just take this photo to your bakery and have them turn heart-shaped cookies into tuxedos and wedding dresses.

If you’re serving coffee, you’ll need stirring spoons. Why not decorate plastic spoons up like tuxedos by dipping them in chocolate? The folks from Evite had their bakery do theirs, but I think it would be a blast making them yourself.

Hotdogs have never looked classier than when dressed up in paper tuxedos. BetterHomes and Gardens has done it again by putting together this great tutorial for hotdog tuxedos.

Little kids (and big kids) would get a kick out of these Babybel Tuxedo appetizers. The cheese comes wrapped in red wax, so just cut a bit of it off to expose the “cheesy” white shirt, then get out your trusty FoodWriter markers. Cute Food For Kids has lots of ideas for using Babybel cheese that your kids would love.

I don’t have any weddings or formal affairs coming up anytime soon, so I’ll have to find another excuse to try some of this tuxedo inspired table decor.

But I already know exactly what tablecloth I’m going to use—a black-and-white chevron tablecloth available for sale or rent from Bright Settings. Won’t the table look elegant?