Linen purchase or rental ? BIG DECISION
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A big decision to make for wedding day or any event is weather to rent or purchase the table linens. Granted to purchase will obviously cost more than to rent but ask yourself the following questions. Will you or any family members or perhaps church have any other occasions to use the linens? Baby shower, party, another family members wedding, reunion, party or for the Holidays? You never know when table linens will come in handy. Some of our customers that purchase the linens resell them after the wedding or event on sites like Wedding Wire, The Knot or even Ebay and recuperate a part of the expense. The quality of the linens at least from our company Premier Table Linens is exactly the same in purchasing or rental. Very durable commercial grade table linens make in the USA. Not cheap Chinese imports like so many table linen companies on the Internet.
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– Purchased linens can be reused for years to come for other occasions.
– Purchased linens can be purchased any time before the event, where rental linens will arrive to you three days prior to the event.
– Purchased linens need not be returned, no need to worry about being responsible to return the linens by the due date, late charges.
– Purchased linens can be custom sizes, where only standard sizes are available to rent.
rental wedding linens
– Rental linens are less expensive.
– Rental linens will arrive pressed and on hangers ready to use where purchase linens will be pressed and folded. There may be a few creases to iron out on purchased table linens.
– Rental linens do not need to be washed after the event.
– Rental orders include the return shipping label and a duffle bag(s) for customers to return the linens after the big event.
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If your renting from a reputable company you do not need to worry about rental linens not being perfect and looking brand new.  At Premier Table Linens, we will never rent any linens that do not look brand new and spotless. Do keep in mind that if renting, you are responsible for the full retail cost of a table linen if it is returned damaged and can not be re rented. Most linen rental companies like ourselves have a 7 calendar day rental period. This way you can receive the linens a few days before the big day and you’ll have a few days after to return the lines.
What side of the fence are you on, renting table linens or purchasing table linens?
Table Linens Rent or Buy?
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Table Linens Rent or Buy?
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