If you’re throwing a party or having a picnic, take a minute to present your silverware so that it becomes part of the table decor. Here are a thirteen different ways to display your silverware that are not only functional, but attractive.

I love it when silverware is rolled up in a napkin for easy pick-up when going through a buffet line. I especially like this display from Buffet Table Decorating Ideas in which the silverware/napkin packets are laid out in the shape of a flower. The napkins could be just about any color depending on your decor.

Here’s a similar idea from Marry Me Tampa Bay that showcases burlap wraps. If your party has an organic flair, this silverware display could be just the ticket. I love the big flower in the center.

These cute terra cotta pots are a great way to offer up silverware to your guests. The folks at Country Living wrote on the pots with chalk so they could be reused. Wouldn’t this presentation be great at a garden party?

Mason jars are a great country look. Nicole from Creative Mommas used glass jars to hold plasticware for a BBQ. Gingham napkins were added to complete the rustic look.

Heather from The Chickabug Blog held a sock monkey party and used this adorable tin pail to hold her plasticware bundles. I especially like the napkin rings.

Over at Life As We Know It, these spoon holders were made with empty tin cans decorated with gingham napkins. They’re in keeping with a camping-themed birthday party by being both effective and inexpensive.

Here’s another country-style party idea, this time from Dancing In Our Kitchen. The “pitchforks and shovels” were tied up in red-checkered napkins and displayed in an old wooden box.

Laura from Winner Dinners (a simply delicious cooking blog;-) wrapped her plastic flatware in watermelon napkins and stuffed them in a basket. She agrees with me that it’s nice to bundle the plasticware in napkins so that guests can grab them easily when their hands are full.

Style Me Pretty always has wonderful table decorating ideas. Here, silverware is wrapped in a cloth napkin, tied with twine before small flowers are added. Simply beautiful.

Indulgy has great ideas for fall-themed parties including this orange bucket full of color-coordinated plasticware. I love the ribbon. It could be changed out according to the season.

Elizabeth from Wise Girl Savings has an Easter basket chock full of carrot napkin bundles. What could be easier – or more adorable – than green plasticware wrapped in orange napkins made to look like freshly picked carrots?

Here’s a great idea for a rainbow-themed party from Lotte Lu and Brother Too – clear plasticware wrapped in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple napkins.

Although I couldn’t find the original source for this tutorial, Catch My Party shows silverware bundles wrapped in pink napkins then placed in what appears to be some kind of colorful envelope. I like how they’re displayed in a circular fashion on the buffet table.

No matter your table decorating scheme, making a display of your silverware is a quick way to brighten up any tablescape. I hope you use some of these ideas for silverware displays or are inspired to come up with some of your own.