This week, I want to another fall centerpiece with you. Fall is one of my favorite seasons, and I wanted to create a centerpiece that wasn’t specific to any particular fall holiday. I kept seeing all kinds of DIY projects on Pinterest that involved spray painting different glass bottles, and I got inspired.

1. I started with some wine bottles I was going to recycle and spray painted them silver. I absolutely love the way the bottles look after spray painting– I almost didn’t do anything else to them because they looked so good as is!

Metallic is both in style and a good neutral color, so the silver spray paint was an easy choice!

NOTE: If you don’t treat the surface of the wine bottles first (professionals often recommend that you sand or prepare surfaces before spray painting so that the spray paint sticks better), the spray paint may scratch off easily. I accidentally knocked the bottles together when I was carrying them and made some pretty visible scratches in the paint. The good news is, even if you scratch the paint, you can add another layer of paint pretty easily! I ended up touching up the bottles with the can of spray paint after they were completely painted, and you couldn’t tell.

2. After the wine bottles dried, I used black glitter glue paint to draw a tree outline on two of the bottles. I chose black paint for a more neutral look, but you can really use any color to match your table linens and other decor.

I’m not a very good artist, but luckily, if you can draw lines, you can draw a tree. I Googled tree silhouttes to look at for inspiration when I was painting.

One of the nice things about using glitter glue paint is that it’s pretty forgiving. If you mess up, you can just take a damp paper towel and wipe off the paint. Painting on the wine bottles can get tricky because of the curved surface, especially while the paint is wet. I smudged my lines a couple of times, but it was easy to clean up, and you couldn’t even tell.

I let the glitter glue paint dry overnight before I added anything else, just to make sure I wouldn’t smudge the paint after I’d perfected my drawing.

3. After the paint dried, I used little sticky sequins from the craft store to add “leaves” to the trees.

4. The last step was to pull everything together on the table. I used several different sequins in fall colors so that I could have options for coordinating my table linens. I ended up setting up this centerpiece on a black runner because it looked pretty cool with the black paint on the wine bottles, but I might reuse this centerpiece idea with brown, orange, yellow or green table linens next time!

I set the two painted tree wine bottles on either side of the plain silver spray painted wine bottle. In the center wine bottle, I placed tree branches I found in my yard. I hung little felt acorn decorations from the tree branches to add some fall colors to the centerpiece.

It really is amazing all of the tabletop DIY projects you can do with a bottle of spray paint and a wine bottle!

If you have any favorite tabletop DIY projects, send your pictures to and we’ll feature them in a blog post!