Last week I rounded up several photographs of table settings featuring striped tablecloths. Stripes make an immediate impact on any decor. Striped tablecloths look wonderful on everything from classic, elegant wedding tables to bold, fun party tables. This week I’ll give you the lowdown on the striped tablecloths that are available for sale and/or rent at Bright Settings.


Our most popular striped tablecloth is Awning Stripe. The fabric is high-quality, 100% polyester and easy to clean. The stripes are 1″ wide and come in several bold, classic colors for sale and for rent. Of course, if you rent Awning Stripe tablecloths, you don’t have to wash them at all. Just send them back and we’ll take care of all the laundering!

  • Awning Stripe II for Sale:

    • Black/White
    • Navy/White
  • Awning Stripes for Rent:

    • Black/White
    • Blue/White
    • Red/White

If you’d like to know everything there is to know about Awning Stripe, check out this informational video:


Another leading striped tablecloth available at Bright Settings is Carousel Stripe. The fabric is very similar to Awning Stripe except it is 70% polyester/30% cotton. Like Awning Stripe, is also machine washable. The stripes are 1″ wide and are available for sale in two vibrant colors.

  • Carousel Stripe for Sale:

    • Hunter/White
    • Red/White


My personal favorite striped tablecloth is Polystripe. The fabric is 100% polyester, wrinkle-resistant, and easy to clean. The two-tone stripes are 1″ wide and come in up to 33 colors. The color combinations are more subtle than the brightly colored stripe next to a white stripe as seen on Awning and Carousel striped tablecloths. Polystripe tablecloths are perfect for weddings and special events. Just click on “for sale” or “for rent” below to see all the color swatches available.

  • Polystripe for Sale:

    • 33 Colors!
  • Polystripe for Rent:

    • 20 Colors!

If you’d like to know more about Polystripe, check out this informational video:


Another gorgeous striped tablecloth available for rent is called Sheer Stripe. The fabric is 100% polyester. The stripes alternate between satin and sheer material. The subtle shading differences are stunning. Just click on “Sheer Stripe for Rent” below to see color swatches of each of the 9 color combinations available.

  • Sheer Stripe for Rent:

    • 9 Colors!


Bright Settings has one more striped tablecloth fabric available for sale — Boardwalk Stripe. It is a fun, multi-colored fabric made of stripes in varying widths. This 100% polyester tablecloth looks adorable on picnic tables or birthday party tables. The colors include shades of yellow, orange, red, green, and blue. A swatch of this fabric is shown on the left in the image below, and a Boardwalk Stripe overlay is shown on the right.

  • Boardwalk Stripe for Sale:

    • Just 1 fabric, but it has lots of colors!

Boardwalk Stripe swatch alongside a square overlay of the same fabric on right.

Striped tablecloths are a great choice whether you’re decorating your dining room table or covering dozens of party tables. If you want to know more about any of the tablecloths available at Bright Settings, call one of our knowledgeable salespeople at 1-800-327-6025 during normal business hours. After hours, email us and we’ll get back to you ASAP. We know all about tablecloths and will help you choose the best striped tablecloths for you.