Rose Quartz and Serenity. For the first time ever, two colors have been named Pantone colors of the year for 2016. Both colors look great on their own; and when they’re paired together, they look stunning. They’re not your grandma’s old-fashioned pastel pinks and blues. They’re luscious, creamy hues that combine warm rose tones and tranquil blues. And now that they’ve been named the colors of the year for 2016, we’ll be seeing plenty of weddings and home furnishings decorated around these soothing colors.

Bright Settings has several tablecloth fabrics available in these two glorious shades – some of which are available for sale, some available for rent, some available for both. If you’re planning a large gala event this year – or even a small one – you can mix and match any of these fabrics as you choose your tablecloths, table runners, table toppers, and napkins. If you’d like free swatches of any of these fabrics, check out our Fabric Sample Program.

Renting tablecloths for large parties is a very affordable and convenient option. You can find out all the details for renting tablecloths here. One nice thing about renting is that when you’re done with the table linen, you just throw it back in the boxes it arrived in and send it back to us with the enclosed UPS label. It’s as simple as that. We’ll launder everything after it gets back to us.

Our most popular rental fabric is Basic Polyester. We carry 58 beautiful colors! But since we’re talking about Rose Quartz and Serenity today, let’s concentrate on our shades of pink and blue:

Rental Tablecloths Similar to Pantone’s Rose Quartz

Light Pink: This shade of pink closely matches Pantone’s Rose Quartz. It’s been a very popular color for years!

Ice Pink: This lighter tint of pink is relatively new at Bright Settings, but it’s fast becoming a customer favorite. The delicate color pairs nicely with darker shades of red.

Dusty Rose: A photo doesn’t do this fabric justice. You should really consider ordering some free fabric swatches just in case your screen doesn’t display colors perfectly.

Watermelon: If you want to go a little brighter, but stay in the same color family as Rose Quartz, check out Watermelon. It’s one of my personal favorites.

Rental Tablecloths Similar to Pantone’s Serenity

Light Blue: This shade of blue closely matches Pantone’s Serenity. It’s a perennial favorite with our customers.

Slate: Slate is one of my favorite tablecloths. It’s a little darker than light blue and has a mellow, rich tone.

Periwinkle: This shade of blue runs toward violet, so it pairs nicely with pinks.

Royal: Royal blue is one of the most-rented tablecloth colors ever. It looks great with lighter shades of blue.

Mix & Match!

Please feel free to call one of Bright Settings knowledgeable customer service representatives for table covering advice. They have years of experience mixing and matching table linens. For example, they know what color napkins look nice with different tablecloths. They’ll be happy to send you fabric swatches of any of these basic polyester fabrics. Just call 800.327.6025 or click on Live Help during regular business hours.

Next week, I’ll introduce you to other fabric choices besides Basic Polyester that are in line with Pantone’s Colors of the Year. Bright Settings offers many tablecloth fabrics (for sales or for rent) that would look great on your dining room table or at your next big bash. Let us help you choose shades of Rose Quartz and Serenity so you can set the perfect table in 2016.