Jars make perfect holders for cutlery and napkins. And no matter what kind of party you’re planning, putting together individual cutlery and napkin bundles ahead of time makes entertaining easier when it comes time to serve the meal. When you put the flatware and napkin in a jar, your guests will also have a glass for their beverage. Here are some great ways to put together individual cutlery jars (and cups, too;-)

Ciao! Newport Beach always has great entertaining ideas. I love the beautiful napkins in assorted colors and designs used in these individual cutlery cups. They’re not only practical, they’re another design element for the tablescape.

A Soft Place to Land used red and blue bandanas for napkins. They’re the perfect choice for a barbecue with a patriotic decor. Kimba has lots of ideas for using Mason jars.

Aimee from A Mom’s Take has great patriotic-themed entertaining ideas. She wrapped blue plastic utensils in red and white checked paper napkins then added pretty straws to finish the look.

This idea works for weddings, too. At a recent outdoor wedding, Sweet Sunday Events put cutlery and linen napkins in a jar then added adorable tags that read “your glass for the night, for whatever seems right.”

Charlene from My Frugal Adventures wrapped her canning jars with grosgrain ribbon. Isn’t this color scheme fresh and light? It makes me want to fill the glass with lemonade.

Of course, you don’t have to use Mason jars. At All You, the plasticware and napkins were put in clear plastic cups. Then red, white, and blue rubber bands that guests could write their name on were put around each cup. What a great way to keep track of your cup!

Karen from Sew Many Ways recycled a soup can for her silverware and a napkin. She added a pretty ribbon that matches the party theme. I don’t think I’d drink out of a soup can, but the ribbon decorating idea could be used with canning jars too.

Tamsyn from Max & Me made her hosting duties easier on herself but putting plasticware, napkins, and straws in pretty disposable cups. They look so nice and the kids could just grab them and go.

As you can see, putting cutlery and napkins in a jar, can, or cup works for just about any type of party. Putting them together ahead of time not only makes hosting duties easier when the party rolls around, but the utensil-filled jars can also double as table decorations. If you’d like to expand your stash of beautiful napkins, check out the selection at Bright Settings. Call 800-327-6025 to talk to one of our knowledgeable salespeople. They’ll be happy to tell you all about any of the napkin fabrics you’re interested in.