Large Butterfly tablecloths make my heart all aflutter! Have you ever seen such a pretty print? I can hardly wait for my new summery tablecloth to arrive. I know it will look sensational on my round dining room table under my bright, solid-colored dishes. And I’ll get exactly the size and shape I need because, at Bright Settings, every tablecloth comes made to order.

Butterflies are, without exception, my favorite insect. Most insects are downright yucky, but every butterfly is beautiful. Have you ever been to a butterfly house at a botanical garden? It’s a glorious, memorable experience. Did you know that the word butterfly has Old English origins? It is so-named because of the old belief that they stole butter!

I know I’m waxing poetic about butterflies, but you gotta’ admit that they’re a quintessential motif of summer. Whether your design style is Country, French, Art Deco or Contemporary, butterflies work. That’s why artists use the form so often. There is something ethereal about brightly-colored wings fluttering on the delicate petals of a flower while feeding on nectar. That’s exactly what our brand-new tablecloth fabric print is all about.

Large Butterfly Tablecloths

The sample shown above has red, yellow, and turquoise “painted” butterflies on a black and white background. However, our Large Butterfly tablecloths are totally customizable! You can choose any colors you want. That’s because this fabric is one of our custom, in-house designs that allows for virtually any shade to be printed.

Large Butterfly tablecloths are long-lasting too. The 100% polyester fabric is smooth and soft, yet durable and totally washable. You can also choose whatever size and shape you like. Of course, we carry round, oval, rectangular, and square standard-sized tablecloths for easy ordering, too.

If you’re not sure what you want, never fear. Our friendly customer service reps will walk you through the ordering process. Or you can use the handy calculator that’s just a click away when choosing the dimensions of your tablecloth. Call us at 800-327-6025 during regular business hours or drop us note via email or chat. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and get your beautiful Large Butterfly tablecloth in the mail to you. At Bright Settings, we have you covered!