I love everything about damask fabrics – especially the fact that they’re reversible. Bright Settings’ Kaleidoscope Damask table linen fabric is no exception. These gorgeous tablecloths come in nine vibrant colors featuring a modern spiral dot pattern. And because it’s reversible, it’s the perfect choice for an easy Bread Basket Napkin Fold.

Damask (pronounced with the emphasis on the first syllable, kind of like “damn it”) fabrics were originally made with silk in China, then introduced to Europe through Damascus, hence the name. Our tablecloths are made with 100% polyester so you get the sheen and the washability.

For those of you into textile science (like me), damask fabric is woven with different warp and weft yarns. In other words, the low-luster lengthwise fibers contrast with the shiny crosswise fibers. In two-color damasks, such as our Kaleidoscope fabric, the two different shiny weft yarns make the fabric reversible. This is because one is revealed on the front while the other is revealed on the back. They woven pattern is highlighted on the matte surface of the flatter warp fiber. The effect of light striking the shiny and flat surfaces is . . . well, striking!

But, enough about how damasks are made. Let’s talk about how to use them to accentuate their inherent qualities.

Since damasks are reversible, common napkin folds take on a whole new dimension. This Bread Basket Napkin Fold is not only gorgeous, it’s totally functional. Say you buy a dozen napkins and then have 8 friends at your dinner party. You can fold the other 4 napkins into bread baskets – one basket per couple. The bread baskets even keep your buns warm. Decorative and utilitarian all in one fell swoop . . . your guests will think you’re a genius!

This particular fold is by far one of the easiest folds I’ve ever done – and I’ve done a lot! You can iron between steps if you want a crisper look, but that’s not necessary at all. Here’s what to do:

Bread Basket Napkin Fold

Step #1: Lay your napkin flat in front of you. (Put the side you want on the outside facing down.)

Step #2: Fold the left side into the center. Repeat for the right side.

Step #3: Make a “cuff” by folding back the fabric on the left side about an inch or two. Repeat on the right side. After you make the cuffs, bring both sides back to the center.

Step #4: Flip the napkin over. If you’re using “shiny” fabric, it may want to shift on you. The best way to show your napkin who’s boss is to grab both ends simultaneously and pull taught. Now flip it over.

Step #5: Fold the top down to the half way point. Now fold the bottom up to the center. (You can overlap them some for a little bit for more stability.)

Step #6: Hang on to everything with two hands and flip it back over. Just like that, you have yourself a beautiful bread basket.

Since I didn’t bake bread today, I didn’t have any rolls to put in my finished bread basket. I guess you can call this my Bread-less Basket. The image at the top of this blog post shows more using 6 of our 9 Kaleidoscope fabric colors: Crimson, Papaya, Khaki, Brown, Wheat, and Maize. I just wish I had samples of the Blush, Turquoise Pink, and Fire Orange to play with! They’re all so pretty.

If you’d like to hear about our large array of damask table linens, give us a call at 800-327-6025. Our friendly sales reps can tell you which of our 28 damask fabrics have two-color wefts, and are therefore, reversible. And when you buy a reversible tablecloth, you can put either side “up” on your table, essentially doubling your table setting choices. Best of all, damask napkins are perfect for making bread baskets. Give it a try!