Lemonade recipes make the perfect summer drink. Try one of these ten great ideas for mixing up lemonade on a hot summer day. You are sure to find a recipe your entire family will love. We have classic lemonade, some mixed up combinations, and frozen lemonade as well. You are sure to stay cool this summer with these lemonade recipes.

We have to start with this classic lemonade recipe because sometimes nothing beats the original. Hold on to your hats though because we have some great combination lemonade recipes below that you do not want to miss.

Do you love the frozen lemonade from Chick-Fil-A? Don’t hop in the car! Start here with the copy cat recipe and make your own at home.

Brazilian lemonade is the perfect twist on a classic plus you can serve it frozen! Try this great recipe in your blender today!

Speaking of frozen lemonade, try this recipe for frosted freckled lemonade! It is the perfect combination of lemonade and sweet strawberries freckled throughout.

Speaking of the combination of strawberry and lemonade, give this easy recipe for strawberry lemonade a try this summer! You will love the sweet and tart combination.

Not a strawberry fan or just looking for something different? Experiment with this cherry lemonade recipe for a fun twist on the classic.

Other fruits can be added to lemonade as well. This blueberry mint lemonade might just hit the spot on a hot summer day.

You can even try combining lemonade with another summer time staple — watermelon! See this watermelon lemonade recipe and serve it up today.

Get adventurous and try mango with your lemonade as well. This frosted mango lemonade is sure to cool you off this summer.

Combine soda with lemonade for a refreshing drink that sparkles. This pineapple pink lemonade soda is a perfect place to start.

We know that you will enjoy all of these lemonade recipes. Try a few of them this summer or experiment with them all! Mix up the perfect drink for out by the pool this summer.