Oooooh. Ahhhhh. That’s what your guests will say when they see your new Fireworks Tablecloth from Bright Settings. It’s the perfect table covering for your Fourth of July bash. Heck, it can be used all year long – Memorial Day, Flag Day, Veterans Day, New Years Eve – any time you want to celebrate with a bang.

We Americans commemorate the birth of our country with parades, picnics, baseball games, bonfires and, in true American fashion, explosions! Who doesn’t have great memories of watching fireworks after a magnificent summer day full of food and fun? My mom used to get us kids all cleaned up and in our pajamas before heading out to the local fireworks display at dusk because she knew we’d fall fast asleep on the car ride home.

Although real fireworks are fleeting, a Fireworks tablecloth is forever. Well, almost;-) These brilliant table coverings are made of durable, washable, 100% polyester that stands the test of time. And even though this fabric is tough, it’s also soft and smooth. Your holiday table will erupt with brilliant colors when you cover it with Bright Settings’ newest custom tablecloth.

Custom tablecloth? That’s right – this is a custom print. That means you can order your Fireworks tablecloth in any colors you want. Do you prefer blasts of reds and oranges on a black background or would you like to see more greens and golds on a backdrop of navy blue? Maybe you want all the colors of the rainbow on your custom Fireworks tablecloth. With our custom printing technique, your color combinations are virtually unlimited.

Speaking of colors, do you know what determines the colors of fireworks? It all depends on the metal salts put inside the mortar shells. Pyrotechnicians use everything from copper- and calcium chloride to aluminum and charcoal to achieve the profusion of colors in modern fireworks. The way the chemicals are packed into the shells governs the shape of the bursts. Luckily, you don’t have to be a scientist to enjoy the glorious bursts of color on our fabulous Fireworks tablecloths. All you need is a “flare” for the dramatic.

Light up your patriotic picnic table with a glorious Fireworks Tablecloth. Give us a call at 800-327-6025 to order your very own glimmering, shimmering, blazing, bursting custom tablecloth that your friends and family will ooh and ahh over. When it comes to celebrating with a bang, Bright Settings has you covered.