Why Not Start a Fashion Trend?

The obvious use for this product is using it at home where you can get your neighbors talking about how great your trash cans look.  Show your pride for you school, country or favorite sports team and improve your home’s curb appeal with our Spandex Trash Can Covers.

Are you constantly searching for that finishing touch product for your events and wedding planning? If so then we have a great idea for you. Stretch Spandex trash can covers these simple yet very effective garbage can covers can transform those ugly trash receptacles into color coordinated accents. Or you can use them with color coding green for recycling, blue for paper etc.

stretch spandex trash garbage can covers

Trash Can Covers Available in “Slim Jim 23 Gal” 32 Gal, 44 Gal. 55 Gallon.

Premier Table Linens spandex trash can covers are widely purchased by catering suppliers, hotels, and restaurant companies. Premier’s trash can covers can be custom dye sublimation printed to denote recycling receptacles or with your logo for a beautiful, branded appearance. Blend them in or stand them out, either way, Premier Linens will help you brand your trash. Available in our infamous Poly Premier and also in our Stretch Spandex we have 74 colors to choose from in the Polyester covers and 20 colors in the spandex trash can covers.

Looking to take your trash to the next step? Then why not “Brand Your Trash” We also offer full coverage no limit printing on Spandex Trash can covers. The only limit on these is your imagination we print the entire piece of spandex giving you endless possibilities.

Stretch Spandex Printed Trash Can Cover

All over dye sublimation printed trash can cover

Speaking personally I am finding these trash can covers really exciting for us to print, a small departure from our regular printing here at Premier. If you want to know more about our Polyester & Spandex Trash Can covers click here. For all product offerings for the printed spandex trash can covers click here. As always if you have questions please contact us at 800 937 1159 and one of our team will be pleased to assist.

View our Web Page for other Trash Can Cover Ideas: http://goo.gl/0JdfYR

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