Valentine’s Day, Spring, Easter– whatever the occasion, pink is a great color. I love the color pink! It is said that pink represents good health, life, love, hope, and is also a calming color. Pink is a great color to decorate your dining table. Or welcome spring with a splash of color in other areas of your home with runners. Here’s a list of my favorites:

1. Metallic Scroll in Pink/Silver

This fabric and color are a great combination to give a sophisticated yet fun look for any table. You could also order napkins to use with a solid
white or black cloth to add color for a festive spring dinner.

2. Crinkle in Fuchsia

The Crinkle fabric is easy care and can be used as a runner or tablecloth anywhere to add an accent color. One great bonus with this fabric is its
naturally wrinkled look, so you never have to iron it!

3. Sequins in Fuchsia

This fabric has all the glitz and glamour you need for a fantastic party. I love this for runners and overlays; the sequins on this fabric add some weight to it so it will stay wherever you place it.

4. Cottunique in Hot Pink

Cottunique is the best choice for an everyday fabric tablecloth. The hot pink color is perfect for a bright spring look on your table. Paired up with white or light pink napkins, Cottunique will create a lovely setting for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner at home.

5. Basic Polyester

The Basic Polyester fabric offers a number of pinks to choose from, from soft subtle ice pink to vibrant hot pink. This fabric is perfect to purchase for your custom size cloth, or you can rent it for your larger “pink” occasion. This fabric has so many shades of pink, one is sure to suit your needs!