A Quick How To

1) First you will need to determine which size table skirting clip is needed.  Measure how thick your table is.  This will determine what size table skirting clip will be need.  Many customers who attend different venues or use different tables will purchase the standard Velcro® clip and the super Velcro® clip. Having these two size clips you will have a clip to fit any size table.
When purchasing table skirt clips, it is very important to purchase clips like ours that are genuine Velcro®, otherwise in a short period of time there will be issues securing the table skirts.

2) Place the tablecloth (called table topper ) when used in conjunction with a table skirt) over the top of the table. A standard size table topper for any 4′, 6′ or 8′ banquet table is a 40″ x 108″.  Any extra table topper fabric will be hidden under the table skirt.

3) Now attach one Velcro® table skirting clip every foot along the table on top of the table topper. The flat side of the table skirt clip goes on the top and the clip is then easily snapped on to the table top.  Please note that the clips may initially appear to you to not fit but they expand and  fit snug in order to securely hold up the table skirt.

4) You are now ready to attach the table skirt.

5) The entire back top portion of Velcro® table skirts have the “loop” (fuzzy) side Velcro® sewn into the table skirt (we double sew ours). The clips have the “hook” (male) side.

6) Start on one end of the table, attach the Velcro® strip of the table skirt to the Velcro® clips,  pulling tightly enough so that it is snug and there are no gaps until all the skirt is on the table.

7 )Store clips by size in plastic bags when not being used. Table skirts are best stored on table skirting hangers (table skirt hangers with back link to table skirt hanger page). This will keep the table skirt from wrinkling and a very practical and inexpensive storage solution.

We have a large selection of table skirts for every budget and occasion and table skirt clips to fit any size table.  We also have adhesive Velcro® sold by the roll to be used to attach skirts to fixtures that are too large for any clip.

We are the Premier table skirting online and in the nation and we offer a 110% best price match guarantee.