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To choose the best table skirt, you’ll have to consider where you intend to display it and how often you will be using the table skirt.  Determining if it is for a wedding dinner, party, trade show or  convention or in a business setting can aid you in selecting the best fabric, pleating and appropriate colors to pick, and can even give you ideas about how to use it for atmospheric effect. Whether a table skirt is draped over a decorative reception or exhibit surface, its addition can turn a drab demonstration into a elegant  presentation. If you intend to use your table skirt at conventions, keep in mind that most convention centers now require table skirting and table linens to be fire retardant and Premier Table Linens has a complete line of fire retardant table skirts and fire retardant fitted tablecloths.

Table skirts created to decorate the home can make your home much more inviting and  elegant. Strategic geometric designs can direct visitors’ eyes by calling attention to specific items in your house. You may also be able to complement your home’s decor by using a table skirt that mirrors your living space’s theme. A handmade item can be the pride of a quaint home, giving an area both a classic and unique feel with the addition of a traditional and one-of-a-kind piece.  Premier Table Linens has table skirting in 11 fabrics, two different pleating, shirred pleated (a ruffled pleat) or box pleated in over 100 colors. Neutral and warm colors can make your home feel inviting. Other colors can give any setting a festive decor

If planning a wedding, table skirts are available in a variety of fashions and colors. Skirts with soft textures like the Poly Premier and Spun Poly and luxurious looks like the Poly Stripe or Damask table skirts and fitted tablecloths are perfect for weddings.  These are high end table skirts but very reasonably priced. For the classic, rustic look we even offer burlap. Dark colors can add an air of elegance to any setting, while lighter colors may contribute to a more joyful atmosphere. If you intend to drape just a single table at a wedding, consider placing it around the wedding cake, as it is usually the centerpiece at any reception. Matching or contrasting  tablecloths, runners, and overlays can help to coordinate your color scheme. Table skirts can also be used to spruce up professional presentations. They can be utilized at trade shows, conventions, or other types of exhibits to showcase your products to the industry and to the public as well as in a business presentations, etc.  Table skirts also give a great first impression for Point of Sale or welcome booths.   Solid colors can be chosen to reflect your company’s brand, or you can even get your business logo custom-printed onto our Poly Premier or flame retardant table skirts to help brand your business.  Our table skirts are commercial quality, stain guard treated, wrinkle resistant and heavy weight so they drape very nicely. If you’re a restaurant owner, caterer or plan to serve refreshments at your table, you can choose a one of our table skirts and table toppers that are liquid repellent and any spills will wipe right off instead of spoiling the linens.  All of our table skirts are made from soil-release fabric to make the cleaning of dirt and weather-related grime easy.  All our table skirts are also proudly made in the U.S.A..