Even though my Steelers won’t be playing in the Super Bowl this year, that doesn’t mean I won’t be having a football-themed party on February 1st. And since I’d rather spend more time interacting with my guests than fussing with decorations, I’ve put together a couple of quick and easy Super Bowl table ideas that you might enjoy too.

First, you’ll need a tablecloth. You could buy a cheap plastic one, but I’d rather use a fabric tablecloth so I don’t have to buy another one next year at this time. Bright Settings carries basic polyester tablecloths in any size your table requires. There are three different colors of green that would work if you want to mimic the turf of a football field:

Kelly Green Tablecloth

Moss Green Tablecloth

Emerald Green Tablecloth

The beauty of having a green tablecloth in your linen closet is that you can pull it out again in March for St. Patrick’s Day. Our basic polyester tablecloths are easy to launder, are wrinkle-resistant, and are very reasonably priced. Order them this week and you’ll have them in plenty of time for your party.

You could easily embellish your green tablecloth to make it look like a football field by adding white tape. Kimberly from A Night Owl blog used white duct tape to simulate yard lines. She even added vinyl numbers, but you wouldn’t have to go to that much trouble if you didn’t want to.

How about a football field table runner instead? Even if you don’t sew, Camille from Growing Up Gabel shows you how to turn a half-yard of green felt and some ribbon into an adorable Football Field Table Runner. Instead of needle and thread, Camille used tacky glue to put this project together. And she says that after the party, her kids want to use it for their action figures.

Now that the table is ready, what shall we put on it (besides food, that is?) I really like these silverware caddies from Rust & Sunshine. Michelle simply painted over the paper label with acrylic paint which made them look “a bit like leather” when the paint dried.

Next up, napkins. How about putting yellow paper napkins in a striped bucket and labeling them Penalty Flags? HGTV provides free printables for other football-themed ideas too.

Of course, only 50% of people like the referees’ calls on any given play, so you better have some My Ruby Girl Penalty Flags available for throwing. These are simply made by wrapping a yellow napkin around a lollipop and securing it with a rubber band. Fun (and tasty;-)

Get a little “Help from Hayley” by adding Play Formation Oreos to your football field. Aren’t these adorable? You just need a little white frosting in a squeeze bottle to make Xs and Os. The only problem I foresee would be keeping 11 of each on the field at all times. Better make extra!

As for centerpieces, you probably already have a football and kicking tee in your garage somewhere. Clean the mud off and set ’em in the middle of your table. I won’t guarantee that the football will stay there for the duration of the party, but it’ll look nice on the table when your guests arrive!

You probably don’t have extra Seahawks and Patriots football helmets lying around the house (especially since they run a couple hundred dollars each!), but you could put any football helmet – maybe from Little Gridders or high school?- in the center of your table for a fun display.

Next week I’ll post some fun, new football food recipes. In the meantime, check out these past blog posts for other ideas:

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If you take advantage of even a few of these Bright Ideas, you’ll be ready to host the best Super Bowl party in the neighborhood!